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  1. poetry anyone???

    In Comparison The images surround me. Like Greek statues, they are perfect, And they make me seem a shadow, barely human, and I expect They were put here just to taunt me, make me grasp at what I can’t be, Put a mirror up to nature. I lament at what is not me And linger on potential and the sign-posted mistakes That brought me to this moment: errors only a fool makes, Like mines I stumbled onto with my careless, clumsy feet, While everyone around me trod through on paths like straight streets. “Watch them, ugly duckling, watch the sleek, smooth swans, Paddling their dainty feet through flawless, sparkling ponds… And what a shame you’re still struggling through the marshland, Longing to be them, well, let me take your hand, And whisper the truth to you: it’s just your stupid luck That you are not a cygnet. You’ll become an ugly duck, And stay here in the swamp where you belong, I’m telling you the fairytale is wrong.” I say it to myself all the time. Still it won’t sink in That I am never going to change and no amount of blinking Will change the facts that sit before my eyes: The only thing that dirt attracts is flies. So show me beauty and I’ll train myself not to care, Shrug my shoulders in time with the flicking of smooth hair, I’d display a better facet, show my good side if I had one, But they’re all perfect and I’m nothing in comparison.
  2. Happy New Year 2008

    Happy New Year (I nearly wrote Happy Birthday there for some reason) to all my fellow Regina "Human of the Year" Spektor fans. Actually, Regina is "Human of Every Year" but especially this year when I saw her LIVE IN CONCERT woot!
  3. Ms Indie Rock 2007

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: quote: Originally posted by Brenna: quote: Originally posted by Yablonya: I don't see my name anywhere on that list. edit: as for the anti-semitic comments, if it's any constellation, Regina is very Jew-y looking haha i love typos. sorry i know that was pointless but i really did laugh out loud when i read that. I was going to make a joke about there being a Jew constellation but then I decided not too in case I ever make a typo haha. Oh I'm just cruel.
  4. Yes!

    Wow Sara Bareilles and Regina at the same concert would be awesome
  5. Feel Good Songs

    Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, and Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root are both great feel-good songs.
  6. regina lyric chain game!

    "Then one morning I woke up and I thought Rex, Rex, Rex" - Oedipus
  7. the virgin queen

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: i can give you dog and pony, dust to dust, sunset, the noise, uncle bobby. daniel cowman and ne me quitte pas are found on her cd Songs. sunshine and pavolvs daughter are on her album 11:11 be like a cloud,woolen gloves, the floor heard everything, the big towns, oh marcello, by the time you read this letter, and be like a cloud do not have any Mp3s Would you be able to send me Sunset? My address is ifihadahammer@gmail.com
  8. Regina is everywhere

    Recently "Fidelity" was played in the Co-op near my school and the whole "Begin To Hope" album was played while I was in a Virgin Megastore. Of course, I stood around revelling in it for as long as possible.
  9. dusseldorf interpretations

    I believe it's muttdom too. It's contrasted with her "New York nothing", as in she has varied family roots (as Johnny C said) in Russia, and nothing of that kind in New York.
  10. Tears and Regina

    Just some of her songs are so emotional, definitely. Samson, the bit where she sings "We couldn't bring the columns down, yeah we couldn't destroy a single one" always gets to me for some unknown reason. The whole of Braille is very sad, and just beautiful too. Human of the Year. Somedays. Rockland County.
  11. Please help me find some songs? :)

    quote: Originally posted by pigeonfactory: Yes I looked on both of those websites, as for ReSpekt online, the live songs will not work on my computer, at all. They didn't work on my old computer, either. I got all the demo/studio stuff. And I thought six-58 stuff was all broken? With feeling, thank you so so so so much. I lovvee these songs! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Aww, it's not a problem. I'm really glad you enjoy all the music. Should keep you busy for a while .
  12. Please help me find some songs? :)

    I have sent pigeonfactory all the songs requested. Does anyone else want any of the ones on that list?
  13. Please help me find some songs? :)

    I've sent everything up to "I Cut Off My Hair" to you, pigeonfactory. I'll send the others tomorrow.
  14. Please help me find some songs? :)

    If you'd like, I could email you the majority of those songs. If you post your email address, I'll be able to send them to you. However, I don't have... Chicken Song Cinderella Devil Come To Bethlehem Love, You’re a Whore School is out Two Sisters I have all the others though... By the way, if anyone has (any of) the above ones I don't, would you be able to email them to me? My address is ifihadahammer@gmail.com
  15. Your favorite movies?

    Pan's Labyrinth! One of the best films ever for sure. Plus Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amélie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hollow, Hot Fuzz... You people seem to have very good taste, I must say.