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  1. Ok I'm an idiot. I sent "Songs" back to Netflix instead of my movie. They were both in the changer, it was dark, I was tired. I packed it up last night and in the morning I mailed it off. I realized it when I got home and tried to listen to the CD. The bums at Netflix said "our distrubution centers are not set up to return CD's to customers" So basically they are keeping it. Maybe someone who can appreciate it will get it. I have a mental image of a whole room full of bored disc-sorters listening to Regina over a PA and that kinda makes me happy. At least CD Baby has more copies. I hope Regina gets a cut Nico edit: Ok Netflix credited me a month on my account, so that was pretty cool of them. I guess calling them bums and saying I was going to hold their movie hostage worked I suppose this can go into "Stories" rather then "Rants" now!