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  1. Our Regina art.

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: I love those SocksOnRight! Here's a little something I just finished.... Do ya like? it's cute i want to meet somebody in my class with a schoolbook like yours, SocksOnRight this is a drawing i have done
  2. Explain Your Name Here!!

    aww... it´s one of the few german words with two umlauts, by the way. interesting, eh? :| quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Welcome frühstück. Congratulations on your decision to come out, join us and play in the stix! thank youuuu...
  3. My Regina Spektor Drawing!

    quote: Originally posted by nazli: I made a Regina Spektor drawing on my friend's wall.. I really liked how it turned to be like a cartoonish drawing. I would love to hear reactions. I just wanted to share it. here's the link: hope you enjoy.. (I was listening to the genius next door when I was painting..) no offense but the star on her necklace is kind of wrong. I´m not trying to be mean or something, but I think it matters because it´s the star/shield of David (magen david)and not just some kind of star. apart from that i really like it.
  4. Explain Your Name Here!!

    Hey everyone, since this is probably the best thread for a first post: my name is german and means "breakfast". Regina said she´d love the word frühstück, when i´ve seen her live and she pronounced it so cute. I´ve been listening to Regina for a while and also have been lurking here, then decided to join, because i wanted to quit the lurking and quit being shy. (sorry for my english)