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  1. See here: Does anybody have it / know anything?
  2. or live show recordings.

    Hi guys, sorry for any confusion but I only have the 12-08 show as on the list.
  3. or live show recordings.

    Hi, I have the Stockholm show, if anyone wants a link let me know and I'll PM you
  4. Regina playing Bexhill,UK on 29/07

    Who else is planning on going? It's super close to me so definitely going to make it! Sooo excited.
  5. *NEW SONG* You've Got TIme

    Yeah the clip sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear the full thing!!!!
  6. Just found this on ebay

    I bought mine on Amazon (UK) for around £18 a few weeks ago, there are still some on there (sold by RockersUK): So maybe bid up to that amount on ebay, and if you don't win, go for Amazon
  7. RAH 2nd July

    Ain't No Cover The Calculation Small Town Moon Patron Saint Blue Lips How Laughing With All the Rowboats Sailor Song Eet Ballad of a Politician Call Them Brothers (with Only Son) The Prayer of François Villon (Molitva) Firewood Dance Anthem of the 80's Open Better Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) Oh Marcello The Party Encore: Us Fidelity Hotel Song Samson
  8. RAH 2nd July

    So I posted the few pics I took on my tumblr. Also here is the pic of me and Jack We asked him if Reg was gonna come out, but he said it might be a few hours, so I said I wouldn't wait but asked him to tell her that she was amazing (I could of thought of something better probably right?)
  9. RAH 2nd July

    It was so good! Like crazy ass good! Review in the evening standard already: I got to meet Jack afterwards and he was super awesome ! Really enjoyed his set as well. He signed my ticket but I left it on the side when I took a photo for someone I will post the few really bad pics (they were super strict about video) I took later
  10. RAH 2nd July

    On my way now! Be there about 3 probably. Beyond excited now!
  11. RAH 2nd July

    oooh good idea. Maybe I will see you at the stage door then!
  12. RAH 2nd July

    maybe see ya there then!! Wish I could stay after to try and meet her, but have to get the train so probably won't
  13. RAH 2nd July

    There must be!! I'll be wearing blue flowery DM's and looking awkward probably - if you see me say hi I'm standing but hopefully will get a good spot!
  14. RAH 2nd July

    Me too!!
  15. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Thought maybe it was about time I filled this out Stats Name or nickname: Bryony Age: 23 Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual Relationship status: Young, free and single Location: England Languages: English, trying to learn French (I downloaded a tape and this is as far as I have got) - also got a D for my German GCSE which I'm guessing does not count. Life Occupation: I sell plates and glasses. If you are ever in need of crockery I am your girl. Hobbies: Knitting and collecting limited edition vinyls that I cannot afford. Interests: music, food, internet... Political Views: to the left, to the left Religious Views: Atheist Favorite Things Foods:Seafood Color: Purple Books: I won't list but I am reading How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran and it's pretty awesome TV: Mad Men, Star Trek, Midsomer Murders Movies: Fried Green Tomatoes - anything that makes me cry. Music: Regina Spektor,Laura Marling, Peggy Sue, Damien Rice, Amanda Palmer - again anything that can make me cry haha Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: The song Two Sisters obviously. (Fun Brumstix memory I just um, remembered, once me and Em Mitchell were alone on the stix for a day, and I changed my username to BryonyTheGreat and we must of posted about 1000 posts and got really giddy, and then people came back and got mad so we deleted them all, and we were gonna wage war on another forum but chickened out idek) First time you heard Regina: On the Radio when Fidelity fist came out, I went on Limewire (sshhh..) straight after and downloaded EVERYTHING. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: All the Rowboats, The Devil Come to Bethlehem, Hotel Song, Loveology, 8th Floor at the moment. Random fact about yourself: I have one blue eye and one green eye. Best thing about last year: Getting a job and my life vaguely in order. Looking forward to this year:Seeing Regina in just over a week! Also going back to Tunisia to see my best friend
  16. European Tour

    quote: 9 to the RAH can't wait I know! I'm so excited! So I'm gonna try and get to London early and see a few sights if anyone wants to join me? What time do you guys think I should start queuing to get a good spot?
  17. Brümstix Room!

    I was totally ready for this to be my new favourite website...but it's only available in the US Sound super awesome though!
  18. European Tour

    I definitely vote for a forum meet up as I'm coming on my own
  19. European Tour

    ok i was totally late haha! I got standing too
  20. European Tour

    London presale on ticketline See ya there!!! My first Reg show yay!!
  21. European Tour

    I see on Tumblr some people have got the email about the presale, but I didn't (I am signed up but I never get anything?) I have to go to work now so gonna have to try on Friday bummer i was excited!
  22. European Tour

    Brumstix meet up at the London show anyone? Jasnie, anything you need just ask!

    Happy Birthday G!! I hope you are well and enjoying yourself!