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  1. Disrespektful Audiences

    I was at that concert! In my short clips I took, I can hear myself singing. It's the most embarassing thing for me. Mainly because I think of the people around me who were probably like "Why won't this kid shut the fuck up?". Anyway, if there is anyone who went to that concert and heard me sing, I'm terribly sorry. It'll NEVER happen again. I would have been one of those praying for you to shut the f**k up. It's hard when you are all wrapped up in the wonderment of getting to see Regina live, hear her sing THAT song, the one that makes you remember something special, or cry, or happy, and then, to your right or left, comes someone going, all about the meeeeeaniess.."
  2. Make-up dates postponed indefinitely

    quote: Originally posted by Rawin: my bosses at work are probably gonna think that I'm making up these concerts if i keep asking for a couple days off every month lol. "uh, it got cancelled again... uh... could you not schedule me again on "January XX" LOL I can sympathize with you and SunshineRedneck, because I was on vacation in Atlanta, had already paid for an extra day to see Regina, and it was cancelled. : ( I almost booked my non-refundable hotel room yesterday, and then I get the message TODAY about the postponement, although it appears some people knew as early as the 3rd of December (Ticketmaster actually left a message at my home). I would have been seriously pissed if I had to pay for a hotel room I wasn't able to use. I live 2 1/2 hours away from Atlanta, it's close, but not that close. Oh, I am not mad at Regina, I hope she gets well soon. I am hanging on to my sacred ticket, I can't wait to see her!
  3. Disrespektful Audiences

    quote: Originally posted by rosa_de_oro: before the concert started he turned to me and said "When Regina comes on, are you going to dance?" and I was like "...No..." and he was like "Well, I am." I feel your annonyance. Being short myself(5'4") it's hard for me to see past many peoples shoulders. I am pretty certain my seat at the Tabernacle show is the on the first row of the balcony, so watch out if someone tries to stand in front of me. Hope they have wings!
  4. Disrespektful Audiences

    In UTAH? How do you find any alcohol in Utah? And what a nightmare... sitting next to a 12 year old! You must have thought you died and went to (Hannah) Montana. I made a U2 reference at the last Tori show... that if I wanted to stand up and dance, that's who I would have bought a ticket for, not Tori and certainly not Regina.
  5. Disrespektful Audiences

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: Okay, I know I haven't seen Regina in concert, so maybe that's why I'm not really getting this thread. Why is it inherently a bad thing for people to sing along to the songs? I get the whole not being quiet thing being annoying as her music is quite intricate, but as for the singing- surely the silence would only be expected in a very small, intimate gig? By the sounds of things these are pretty darn big gigs, so why is it a bad thing that people are singing along? When I listen to Regina, or in fact any music, on my iPod I properly belt out the words! Why should a Large gig be any different? The atmosphere at a big concert is very different to a small one, and so the crowds reaction is too. I don't really understand where you are all coming from. Perhaps you could explain it to me? Let me explain how I feel about it, Em. YOU can sing anytime you want to, in your car, in your shower, while you're washing the dishes. But, at a Regina concert, in which many people have driven 2+ hours to be there, I didn't PAY to hear YOU sing...I came for the singer, someone who I don't get to hear live everyday of the week. SO, I say, unless you are on stage, sit down and shut up. Some of us are trying to have an hour or two of blissful listening to Regina live, not the very annoying girl/guy around us. We know the words, too, we don't have to prove it.
  6. Disrespektful Audiences

    I just want to say I arrived at The Tabenacle on the 15th and was very saddened to see Regina Spektor cancelled. I hope she feels better. I am trying my best to be able to come back on Dec 5th. I have a great seat in the balcony. I have been a long time Tori Amos fan (16 years) and her shows used to be full of fans who were in quiet bliss, listening to every note...a lot like I have found the Regina Spektor fans to be. However, the last two Tori concerts I just attended, the crowd was unlike any other. LOUD, sing-along types, with more of those people who like to physically emote songs for translation to the rest of the us. The best thing ot do is try and see Regina as much as you can as early as you can, because sadly, it will probably happen to her concerts as well. I think if I have to hear some chick, who knows all the words to one song only...Fidelity... and wants to lets us all know about her "heart.r..rr.rt" I will pop a cap in her face. Meanies, indeed.