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    Thaanks you peeps. Happy Birthday Crispy Crisp B Frank!

    ooo thank you mr slash ms mysterious. And ILWB and dentist to be. I havnt had any sushi yet but I am just a little bit on the tipsy side. I dont think itd s tay down anyway. And someones picking me up to take me out at this time whats still open at this time anyway yayy rosa that cake was awesome. we all enjoyed it!

    wow nice cake Rosa! I only noticed the tennis shiz at second glance. Muchos thanksies! Thanks guys n gals *cuts cake for brumstix peeps*

    Cheeries Andre. haha I like your nametag, Karl
  5. *peeks out shyly from a corner* Bonjour!

    Hellooo Rosie. Welcomo to Brumstix
  6. What are you watching right now?

    Rolang Garros Final. Come on Federerrrr!!
  7. Hi (I guess), and here's a poem.

    Welcome, Scout. Nice intro post
  8. This or That

    right now, Apple juice. mmm I want some juice Anyway, short naps or long naps
  9. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: mmmbooks! also. warner bros charged my debit card today...which i thought only happened once something shipped. if this is the case....ZOMG IT'S ON THE WAY! if that isn't the case, what a mean mean tricksy WB played on me. My debit card has been charged for item that was not even in stock. Many businesses have a tendancy to take money as quickly as possible and give it back as late as possible
  10. Chemo Limo Remix

    Im not sure why'd she be extremely upset. It's just someone appreciating her music and trying to be somewhat creative with it, no? she might be i dunno.. quote: Originally posted by Karl Prejekterinski: Thats a new one. Um, i don't really like it. I'm mostly just surprised that someone who makes this type of music was able to find Chemo Limo in the first place I did find that a lil suprising haha.
  11. eet!!

    what a lovely, end of exams, gift. I feel afraid to listen to/watch it again. I have lost all logic that makes sense. I think this may be my favourite song/video so far from far(t). I have only watched it once but out of all the initial impressions of each of the four tracks. Eet has made the best one. Im Eeting these beats, man! woefihoiiegfoijds
  12. eet!!

    wow im late. 5 pages already I am in Love. yes i am
  13. What are you Eeting right now?

    I am eeting Lasagna mmmmmmmmmmm
  14. pictures and videos of interest...

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: I see your Samson and raise you a Do... This video was made in the Antwerp Belgium Central Train Station. On a Monday morning, with no warning to the passengers passing through the station, a recording of Julie Andrews comes on the public address system singing "Do, Re, Mi." As the bemused passengers watch in amazement, some 200 dancers begin to appear from the crowd and station entrances. T-mobile also did this kinda thing in liverpool street station this year.
  15. how did you get into regina?

    quote: Originally posted by mercbenzon: Hello all, downloaded aquarius by mistake just over a week ago and thats where it all started. Have fallen in love with her since and am really looking forward to her new album! You have opened the floodgates. Theres no going back now. Welcome to the stix!
  16. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I think I'm gonna love it however it comes out. I cant imagine not loving it. I'm just uber curious on how the whole, 'outside the cars are beeping...' part turns out. I don't see how it can get any better than it already is
  17. school = :(

    In 1 and a half days I am going to fail my final exam with such a high failure potency, I am considering staying in bed and pretending it doesn't even exist. yaaayyyy
  18. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Race is pretty ambiguous in its meaning and validity. Some people may class Australian as a race quote: Originally posted by Karl Prejekterinski: Cuz its freakin' Human of the Year. It was only til this morning when I was 'singing' Human of the year, that I actually realised OMFGODZORZ this is gonna be on the album!!!!!!!!
  19. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    hehe. I was just about to respond to your unedited post I also cant wait!!

    HAHAHAHAHA!! I need to check this shiz out
  21. Our Regina art.

    niiiice kaysntees. I like this thread! I'd like to say i'd contribute soon but I know im not gonna get round to doing anything
  22. Regina on Jools next Tuesday

    I just remembered this was on and turned over 10 mins ago. Havnt seen her play yet but I may hve missed it already
  23. how did you get into regina?

    I likey likey. Great job
  24. Hi

    Welcome to the Stix, Isabel! Am sure you will enjoy your time here
  25. Riot Gear, to me, doesn't seem any more strange than Dead Rat or BYOS or Lacrimosa, and so on. Its just a title made up of a couple words that represents a song. I also recall Reg saying there were about 5 completely new songs that we may expect on the album. But I also remember on different occasions that shes been spending an awful lot of time on new material. So I wouldnt be suprised if she had 10+ new songs written and composed. So she just decided to add a couple more. As a bonus. Im just taking it as a bonus. And I'm stoked about it like almostspotless I don't know if it'd be Regina's intention to assign different songs to different versions of the same album to try and get fans to buy multiple versions. But I'd be more sure that, that was probably an idea put forward by WB. I mean, it is a business afterall.