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  1. C-Note 2003

    Ya see this is what I mean its gonna take a while to actually see if anything is new You gave me that file before (thanks again) but its different, that file only has 105 recordings whereas this other one I have has over 150 live recordings. EDITAMO: Well after all that I went through and spent a while cross referencing everything and I think only 2 recordings are not in that file or on respektonline. *sigh*. Well beats revision anyway. One is, 'Better' from 2003 at The C-Note The other is, 'Uh-merica' from 2003 at Sin-e
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Wow i hadnt heard 'Mustard Musketeers' before. I like. Regina rocks! Must sleep Cheerio
  3. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    I dont' think it'll be good. It'll be Uber fantastic!!
  4. Six Thoughts...

    1. Why do I avoid sleep so much?!?! 2. Bobbing for apples rockos! 3. Im pondering on being a happy hermit. Just withought the solitude bit. 4. Actually I really don't! 5. Hey shut the fuck up. 6. Wanna travel to Africa EDIT: Ahahaha I spelt without with a gh! I've been doing that alot lately Im tired
  5. C-Note 2003

    So cool. So so cool. And I actually think I had a couple of these recordings already. I stumbled upon a file that had 150 odd live recordings from 2002-2005. So to the great respektonline people out there I may have some new material for yas. But I dont know there seems to be a hell of alot of live stuff on your site and would take a while to see whether or not youve already got the recordings. I havn't even gone through them yet. But I didn't see any at the knitting Factory or Barbes Jazz Club on your site so there should be a couple new ones.
  6. Six Thoughts...

    1. Stress 2. Stressss 3. Stresss!!!! 4. No way! Is my cat actually snoring XD 5. Hahahaah shes having pretty violent dream spasms! 6. STRESS!!!!!
  7. Our Regina art.

    Well this is just a little five minute sketch for now. It actually looked like regina before i attempted the eyes and mouth. EDIT: Squint!
  8. Our Regina art.

    Right I think it's time I stopped faffing around! Will attempt a Reg art piece within this week. Hopefully
  9. Songs that never get old

    quote: Originally posted by oedi_pus: any version of Hallelujah Such an Uber fantastic song isnt it!
  10. Funny Regina You Tube Videos

    The amount of time ive spent online in admiration. Its one of the main reasons of my sleep deprivation and severe lack of studying. And Im so not complaining
  11. Our Regina art.

    They're FANTASTIC!! I love the first one I think the actual picture is one of my favourites of Regina.
  12. On the Radio (Alternate Video)

    Wowzors. Im relatively new and it's almost like a cool wiseman of stix has just popped up outa nowhere. Like a sibling of the great George or something! Thanks Geogaddi!
  13. Free Concert in Brooklyn!

    She Is Amazing Oh and "...cos i've been just like, making up new stuff..."
  14. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by Dominic: i always wanted a broken leg. XD interesting
  15. Atlantic City

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Don't hate 17. It's over before you know it. You'll wake up one day and be 30 and say, "I remember when......" I'm 19 and already find myself sometimes saying that.
  16. Free Concert in Brooklyn!

    I think I would have fainted!!
  17. Six Thoughts...

    1. Ahaha, I think it looks kinda weird, but tastes good. 2. bleh, why havn't I started yet? 3. It's like I'm subconsciously trying to get out. 4. But thats not a very good way to get out. 5. And by getting out, what will I even be getting in to? 6. Haha, the dream today was definitely worthy of a top 3 spot on the weirdest dream board.
  18. Soup For The Unemployed (or unemployable?)

    Ramen. Mmmmmm Ramen. So yummy. Have not had it for sooooo long. I think I may need to head down to the Noodle Inn next week. mmmmmm ramen
  19. Best brand of instant ramen?

    quote: Originally posted by folding chair: While the topic of Ramen noodles is being discussed..is it pronounced "ray-men" or "rah-men"?!?! I asked tons of people before hahaha, most people said "rah-men" but everyone is very stubborn in what they think the correct pronunciation is. I've always thought it was rah-men. Because every japanes person I've heard say it, says it like that. Ramen is Uber fantastic!
  20. What are you listening to right now?

    HUMAN OF THE YEAR - ReSpektor
  21. Songs that never get old

    HUMAN OF THE YEAR My god I love that song!!
  22. C-Note 2003

  23. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

  24. Bulletin Posts

    .....or this
  25. Wee Rants

    ^^ yes I meant what is