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  1. C-Note 2003

    I tried that in about fifteen hundred different ways haha.
  2. Wee Rants

    What your dream!?!?
  3. C-Note 2003

    Thanks!! Doesnt seem to work on my laptop though. But I appreciate it. Überly
  4. C-Note 2003

    Uber appreciation from me! (how do you get the dots above teh U???)
  5. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by Django: Thanks, man. Most of my life has been both blessed and cursed by random occurrences. If you ask my friends and family about their experiences with me they’ll say something similar to, “One day you’re at a circus, the next day you’re working for the circus”. I’ve also heard,“One day you’re kicking a ball around with Pele, the next you’re sleeping in a homeless shelter in a foreign city”. It varies, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sounds like an awesome life!
  6. Happiness.

    The end of this video makes me smile. Especially the last 'girlfrrrienda'
  7. Bulletin Posts

    Givin it all the lemon havin a giraffe!
  8. word association

    "this" made me giggle too XD Was so kinda creepy though Charlieee
  9. i want to sing (vid)

    She looks sooo young. I love these kind of findings, it's almost like viewing some of the building blocks that have built her fantastic career up to what it is to date. I dont recall seeing the hotel song video. I love the dancing!!
  10. We Have A Brümstix Wedding!!

    Hope you have a great wedding day and an ever lasting marraige, Sugardrive!
  11. Bulletin Posts

    I never usually remember my dreams, which sucks because I absolutely love dreaming. I don't recall ever having the, losing teeth dream. But I have had the falling dream a few times. It was so cool once I was falling in what seemed like a bottomless pit. It was pitch black all around me but could sense the falling sensation. Then I suddenly woke up and it so realistically felt like I'd just hit the ground. I was still slap bang in the middle of my bed but my whole body actually felt asthough it impacted something. sorry, very long post but... Also has anyone had a dream thats felt extremely real that you wake up absolutely certain the events actually happened. I have. I dreamt I'd won a vast amount of money. Woke up with the most humungous smile on my face. Walked downstairs and calmly sat down in the living room, still smiling uncontrolably. No one was home and it took me a good while to realise it was all a dream. This was not a very nice feeling At all
  12. Gender!

    I don't think I ever put, is it a guy or a girl singing, into account with my music taste. Am more interested in the music. Never really thought about it but I guess I listen to more male artists. Have nothing against female artists they can rock socks just as much and even more than male artists. Reg for example!!! Im a guy I don't think I ever say 'guy' out loud
  13. Newbie

    welcomoooo to la grande brumstix
  14. Canada?

    Oh how I pitty the violins
  15. Happiness.

    ILWB's recent update made me happy
  16. word association

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: It's true, he did. He's lucky I didn't spout out all of the lyrics! I think I would have had to
  17. Happiness.

    and works your abs. Falling off my bike today while riding on the road made me a lil unhappy but strangely happy at the same time
  18. closest to death..

  19. Happiness.

    My sister made my stomach ache because of laughter yesterday . Did anyone know laughing is exercise.
  20. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: haha. i have no idea about you backward brits...fries are chips and chips are crisps. seeds are pips.... i could go on and on about my fav brit words but tipex and pips are about my favourites. ppsssst. Nath... psssst... msn..... Hahahah, us backwards brits
  21. closest to death..

    As well my thoughts go out to you both and her family. I hope she makes it through and has a strong recovery.
  22. Free Concert in Brooklyn!

    Go go go go go go
  23. iPod video help

    I recently encountered the same problem. Google was also my answer I don't know what the best software for this is but I use 'videora' to convert video files to mp4. I havn't encountered any problems with that so far
  24. Happiness.

    quote: Originally posted by ThePoetsLove: Also laughing so hard your cheeks and stomach ache is one of the best feelings ever. Amen. I havn't done that for a while