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  1. Songs that never get old

    Hahahaha I will add: On the radio - Ms Spektacular Im also thinkin Regina Spektor - 90% of what she sings
  2. Greetings!

    Welcomoooo to Brumstix. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.
  3. Songs that never get old

    Regina - Samson (among a few dozen others) John cale/Regina - Hallelujah The Coral - Dreaming Of You Five For Fighting - 00 Years Colin James Hay - Waiting For My Real Life To Begin EDIT: Just listened to Somedays and have to add it. Sorry long list Regina - Somedays ^^ Regina - Another Town sowie^^
  4. WHEN!!!

    I havn't even listened to all her material but am eager to hear some new stuff from her. My expectations are huge but even if any of her new material wasn't that great then I'd still love it. I love anything she does. It's worrying
  5. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by leaves: Is "brumstix" pronounced "broomstix" or like "drumstix"? I've always wondered about how it's pronounced but never got around to asking. Anybody? Anybody? I never really thought about that haha. Broomstix never came in to my head I've always assumed it to be Brumstix.
  6. Make me laugh. please?

    This made me laff laff *_* hahahaha *_*
  7. quote: Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting: I really just can't get it when someone actually thinks Regina is ugly. The woman is radiant and fabulous! I totally get why. Well kinda, it doesn't suprise me. A lot of the time when I show people Regina and say how much I love her, thery're like oh.... why, she doesn't even look good. So many peoples perception of beauty is, 'hot' half naked, glammed up women. But they don't see what true beauty is. I think Regina is one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. On the inside and out.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Blue lips - Regina Spektor I'm in love
  9. The Survival Guide To Soviet Kitsch

    quote: Originally posted by Natdowg: it looks like shes somewhere in England at the beginning? Omg so true I didn't even notice until you said. Looks so much like home now that youve mentioned it!
  10. Spektris - a stix cover band

    some of the best ideas were thought up unintende to be serious ones. Like accidental inventions. It'd be the coolest thing in a couple years randomly seeing a review on Spektris!
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Hallelujah - Regina Spektor I so need to find a video of this!
  12. Spektris - a stix cover band

    I just realised it was april fools day XD. It's 11pm over here. Im a lil late haha.
  13. Spektris - a stix cover band

    Like TOTALLY FRICKIN AWESOME!!!! Wish all the luck I can wish to yas
  14. Haha I just noticed that the other day when reading all her lyrics that quite a few of her songs are mostly her repeating herself. It's awesome I recently introduced Reginas music to a friend. A blunt friend. Quote, "imo she hasn't got a good voice..." *_* I think he was high. But he likes a few of her songs and is liking her a lil more. So im glad at that
  15. The Survival Guide To Soviet Kitsch

    Tank u Tanx. Downloaded that during my 'phase'
  16. Wee Rants

    Why does my ankle decide to click and crunch , pretty much crippling me, when I have a tournament in 6 days!!!
  17. Tearjerkers

    I like the sound off sometimes. Though it still is harder.
  18. The Survival Guide To Soviet Kitsch

    Thanks Sir G!!! I only watched this when I went through my, stay up till 3am pretty much each night searching for everything and anything you can find on Regina, phase. Then forgot about it but will now watch a few (hundred) times more cos I love it! Fuzzly wuzzly insides
  19. quote: Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting: kailee, A few weeks ago he told me "Regina sounds like everybody else...she isn't different than the other mainstream musicians..." then goes on to say that Amy Lee from Evenescence is different! XD LOLLERSKATES XD

  21. Let's go to the Movies...

    I think 'Garden State' is a great movie. Mainly because I'm a crazy Scrubs/Zach Braff fan but I think it's pretty cool
  22. Good News Thread!

    Uber fantastic awesome! I was about 20 marks off getting a 3 year scholarship Now im about £10000 in debt! Congrats Perks!!!
  23. Happiness.

    Playing tennis makes me happy. But sometimes thinking about tennis makes me sad. This happiness thread makes me happy
  24. Happiness.

    This made me happy ReSpekt on Jonathan ross Was the 1st time I'd ever seen, heard, became enthralled by Regina Spektor. changed my life