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  1. Rob Rink Interviews Regina

    thank yoooooooouuuuuuuu
  2. Rob Rink Interviews Regina

    I wanna hear but all the links to the audio do not work Anyone have a solution??? Would be extremely appreciated!
  3. How many languages can Respekt speak?

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Based on some video clip where she was talking to her mother on the cell phone post video post video post video

    Hahaha family fueds. I love America's rendered lingo. Whenever I speak to an American, no matter what they're saying, I cant help but smile
  5. Spektrivia!

    Yaaaaa I only just noticed this yesterday when I was getting my daily fix of Regina!! I was like, wait is that.....? Its Mr. Spektor!!! And hes wearing some kind of military/marines uniform. Since Regina was 5 shes wanted to learn how to make _______?
  6. Pittsburgh--Ingrid M. and Priscilla Ahn ...

    Joshua Radin ROCKS!!!! But like 100000000 tims less than Regina Spektor!!!
  7. Regina on this year's True Colors tour.

    Hahaha no not billions of homosexuals. They dont really boggle my brain. They're just different. I meant there are billions of worlds out there, as in everyone/family/faith etc, kinda live in there own little world.
  8. Spektrivia!

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: 9 And a half! Sorry to but in to the thread but sooo wanted to add that. The half meant alot to Regina ^^
  9. Come into my world..

    quote: Originally posted by squeakycleanK: okay FINE, g. I've heard it was my smile that got him, but I think it was my attitude. I can't tell you how many times I've seen him staring. I had to know him more. One thing led to another... it's either really easy, or really dumb. lol, oh well there it is Well this is kinda a wild guess. When I read the last 2 sentences it just popped into my head. The first couple of sentences make me think im completely wrong! Hotel song???????? By the way this thread idea is FANTABULISTIC!!!!
  10. Six Thoughts...

    1. I think I need to fix up, look sharp!!! 2. Why do I feel so unfulfilled. 3. This isn't at all what I want to be doing. 4. 2 tests in only 20 hours and I know VERY little about them 5. Can I do what I want without creating the potential of becoming homeless!!! 6. My heart eats Regina beats...beats...beats
  11. Regina on this year's True Colors tour.

    The World is a crazy place. There are billions of them and it just boggles my brain
  12. Voice on Tape

    Yeh I love how trippy Regina is. It's like shes always got her own lil outlook or interpretation or analysis of everything. Its uber fantastic! And nice track.
  13. Ghost of Corporate Future analysis thread

    quote: Originally posted by Tamx: I think the song is about enjoying life, being yourself and not giving a sh*t about what other people think(because they're just people...like you). Reg is basically saying how stupid conformity is and how it can ruin our lives, and make us unhappy that by trying so hard to conform to society's norms(consumerism, money, etc), people have forgotten the things that really mater such as family, love, laughter, being silly and just ENJOYING life. I think that is the moral of the GoCF 'fable' Aweshume
  14. Thank Youuuu Downloading now
  15. Ghost of Corporate Future analysis thread

    This song got me in like an early life crisis. Well early early life crisis. To me it says pretty much what you've all pointed out, don't take life too seriously, don't get 'stuck' in the repetitive ways of society's norm. I've wanted to work in finance since I was Young. Regina's songs and this song, somewhat slaps me stiffly in the face shouting what the hell are you thinking? Live life happy, follow your dreams, be yourself! Working in an office feeling stressed everyday is no longer my dream! I think I need to see a shrink
  16. quote: Originally posted by James: You're welcome - I love "Eli Eli" and I think the performance of "Better" is stunning. Please let me know if the link becomes broken and I will re-upload. James. I wanna seee. It says the file is not available
  17. Name That reg Tune

    "....Gravediggers still getting stuck in the machine even though it's a whole other day dream!!!!!" - Consequence of Sound I love that live show it's so cool when she messes up! My god I love Regina Spektor so damn much!!! ummm now my turn: "...of a license so recently expired"
  18. My blood type's AB

    My blood types AB I think that personality thing may be like those horoscope things where they can pretty much get 90% of people in the description. But its kinda accurate for me