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  1. Hi-low all.

    Just thought I'd jump on the Intro wagon as I haven't been around these here parts for quite some time :S


    Name or nickname: Ajani or AJ

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Hetero

    Relationship status: Singleton

    Location: Landan taaaan! (London, England)

    Languages: Awkward English. Not enough Spanish to warrant seriously mentioning. But I will anyway.

    And some Spanish!


    Occupation: A bit a this a bit a that.

    Hobbies: Tennis, ahht (mainly just drawing stuffs), eating, Cycling when my legs aren't tired. Ermmm relaxing...

    Interests: Mind bottling things. Tennis. The mind. Science and the unknown

    Political Views: Bit of a lefty

    Religious Views: I'm a believer!!! of goodness. Agnostic I guess

    Favorite Things

    Foods: SUUUUUUSHI!!!

    Colo'u'r: Blues

    Books: Errrmmmm, The Hobyahs :S

    TV: Hmmm... House, Grey's, Scrubs, Modern Family.. And I'm sure much more, my mind just has a tendency to sometimes shut down under the pressure of direct questions, no matter how simple. meh

    Movies: Fight club, 7 Pounds, 500 days of summer, garden state.... and more

    Music: Regina Spektor!! And everything else that is pleasing to my ears.


    Origin or meaning of your Username: First three letters of my first and last name squidgemd together. Genius!!!!

    First time you heard Regina: Can't remember the year...hey google wassup.... I believe it was a warm night on the 18th day of May in the year 2007. I tuned in to the witty Jonathan Ross show and there she was. An angel on a piano.

    Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Don't. Make. Me. Choose. *_*

    Random fact about yourself: My memory is frequently useless

    Who/What inspires you: Awesomeness

    Best thing about last year: Can't remember Confused

    Looking forward to this year: End of year bonus Big Grin

  2. Hello EnglishGuy

    I was nowhere near the front so I doubt I saw you. Was pretty much slap bang in the middle.

    Anyway, show was crazy I loved it! The crowd was intense! she loved it. Had no idea she played so many songs. Off the top of my head I woulda said she played about 13 or 14. Time flew by.

    Just a tad disappointed i didnt get to see her afterward. But was an awesome show Big Grin

    So jealous of nat who also saw her yesterday in paris!! and Emily!

    Oh, and Reggie Watts was super cool also!

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by MusicLover_2007:

    Who likes the speeded up "outside the cars are beeping part" in Human of the Year compared to the live version? Do you think she did it just to be different from the live?

    I like it. It just doesnt seem as grand as the previous live versions. I dont know I havnt listened to it much but it seems 'bitty' to me. I feel the live versions flowed a bit more. Its still an epic track nonetheless!

  4. Im not really that new but anywhim. I think I lurked for like a day. I actually do not remember Razzer but I wasnt a lurker. I just kinda popped my head in and started posting willy-nilly. No proper introduction or anything. A bit like someone that pops their head in on other peoples photos. I think I had discovered the greatness that is Regina a while before I came across this forum. not that long though, I think around the end of 2007. I must have been on a reg binge or something and stumbled upon brumstix and saw that it was a place that wouldnt conclude that I was insane for worshiping this woman so much. I had done my fair amount of borderline stalker behaviour in finding loads of songs and interviews and general info, but I discovered this place was a minefield of regness. So I had to get in on it.

  5. I find myself slightly lost whenever I watch a lady gaga video. Tad bit confused. I dont really dislike any of her stuff she just seems odd/annoying as a person to me. I try not to judge as my exposure of gaga has been really very limited and i seem to just catch the annoying bits. I think Id need to know her history like Dom said.

    I like some of her stuff though. Like the live acoustic shiz.

  6. For realzy. I think quite a number of people just wernt that bothered to vote. And chose not to vote for one of the, 'lesser evils' if you like. So the BNP have managed to sneak their way in a lil. I dunno Confused