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  1. 11:11 anyone?

    Irony is my favorite flinstone's flavor! People repetitively bitching about how repetitive this request is just tickles me silly. Of course, it may be repetitive for me to be laughing at bitching about asking so I will ask about bitches laughing.. or.. something. quote: enjoy buying music that you can stick in your mouth That line is golden and I want to have babies with it. Semiotics is SO cool, plebes. Barthes on a harley. See.
  2. Ew. Yet another dish I was subjected to as a child and just have never enjoyed. Shmura Matzo and Matzo "Crackers" (i.e. the machine-made crispy shit) alone are the best things ever but Matzo balls always seemed to me to be a tad off texture-wise. Soggy.. Mushy.. Squishy. I've noticed, lately, that everything that my parents made me eat often is on my "no-no" list. Potato soup is also in this category. I think that Potato Soup is really just gravy that decided to call itself soup so as to not be forced to make missionary lovins with meats and breads. That's what I think... yep.
  3. Top Ramen

    When we fancied ourselves starving artists, my then roommates and I discovered this tasty top ramen recipe for ORIENTAL flavor top ramen: 1. Boil Noodles as you usually do 2. Remove Noodles from water 3. Mix in Oriental Seasoning and Lemon Pepper 4. Lay a Kraft American Singles slice on top of the Noodles 5. Pour hot water over the whole kit and caboodle. The Result: Pizza flavored Ramen. This was considered a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in an apartment where electricity was considered a luxury. Goes well with a questionably vintaged Tang. Bellisimo.