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  1. keyboard?

    Yeah I get to add something, in Seattle she was using a pro-mark 747 drumstick, also my stick of choice (I tried to offer a trade for next time around)
  2. 3 word story

    Into a vat
  3. It's all how the venue is set up, but Regina is very generous with her time if it's at all possible. I was lucky enough to get all of the above when I saw her this past year. good luck.
  4. Regina "fan gear"?

    Here's her sticker
  5. Regina Demographics

    Hi andreseng I'm 31 I'm probably the high end of the middle of the scale if that makes any sense.
  6. Hey again, I don't need the E-mail access but will definetly follow the majority Respekt seems cool to me and the picture will be on it's way Thanks for the work you're putting in to this I look forward to being a part of this.
  7. I need YOUR help.

    Hey Ijimeru I'm currently overseas my wife is going to E-mail my pic to me. And I'll forward it to you.
  8. hey shiny, the link has expired, is there any was you could repost it or if someone could point me in the direction where it is posted elsewhere. thanks
  9. Update on Fan club

    I'm so glad to see this is finally happening I would love to join and be a part of this. I've been pretty quiet lately I'm in Japan right now and only get to check in every once in a while. I'm also really happy to see people are making it out to Regina's T.V. tapings I'm sure she appreciates the support. I Tivo all of them.Can't wait for the new album.
  10. Glasgow Barfly

    quote: Originally posted by Rosskel: Does anyone have copies of the new songs? I have some live bootlegs but the quality isn't great. I'd like Ezra Pound (which she also played at the Barfly and it was great) and Blue Lips. I hope she plays somewhere else next time, the Barfly isn't great for sound. She seemed to have trouble with the sound onstage too...not that we could tell from her playing. If someone can get me some recordings, contact me on Thanks. Hello I would recommend downloading both the Boston and Seattle shows they were both have fantastic sound quality, and have a good assortment of Regina's unreleased music, the Boston show has both "Blue Lips" and "Ezra Pound" and both threads have links for people hosting just the mp3's.
  11. CSI?

    Yeah I thought they picked a perfect spot to use "Somedays" I knew it would be the last song on the show and used in an emotional setting. I thought it was a great choice for that scene though.
  12. Download Seattle show - 2005-04-14

    Thanks alot, that brought that whole show back to me. I had such a great time and the sound quality was awesome. Was that you with the tripod? I was front and center of the stage.
  13. Download Seattle show - 2005-04-14

    Keep trying guys it took me about thirty minutes but it eventually let me join.
  14. Barfly gig - lyrics in Russian ?

    "Apres Moi Le Deluge" is quickly becoming one of my favorites of her un-released songs.