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  1. Just found this video on You Tube...

    quote: Originally posted by Cynthia: Me too! lol She's just so adorable I often feel like hugging her! If I ever meet this woman, this is the first thing I'll say to her: "Can I hug you?"... I'm a big hug person and I love hugging adorable people, so there! Haha that's exactly what i said when i met her! Twas the best hug of my life
  2. Nicole Atkins

    i like her!
  3. Tears and Regina

    I cried over Genius. It is perfect.
  4. Regina's Grade-School Art Teacher Here!

  5. regina in rolling stone

    Ok thanks
  6. regina in rolling stone

    Is she in the issue of rolling stone that's dated August 24 (issue 1007)?
  7. 3 word story

    then they screamed
  8. New Music Video

    Jetska, i was recently informed that Marc Webb directed Fidelity. But i too love Adria's work.
  9. Gahh! Thanks so much, my collection practically complete!!
  10. Lisa, Either way is fine. That would make my life. Everyone's so nice here. (My e-mail is if you want to send them that way). Thanks so much,
  11. Curious...

    Duh! haha, god! that was lame, i apologize. i knew that. i like forgot about that song entirely. not enough sleep for me i guess.
  12. Curious...

    That was cool. I wonder which song is about inscest... hmmmm...
  13. the virgin queen

    Thanks! That is creepy.
  14. I know most of these are not in recorded form, but if anyone has some of them (and some extra time on their hands) and wouldn't mind yousending it that would be awesome. No hurry. All is love Be like a cloud By the Time you read this letter Consequence of Sounds jam version Hallelujah Love profusion Oh, Marcello! Open up your Heart (down the road and up the hill) Small Town Moon The Big Towns The Floor Heard Everything Woolen Gloves