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  1. Happy New Year 2008

    Happy New Years all.
  2. Explain Your Name Here!!

  3. Led Zeppelin reunites

    quote: Originally posted by Beechcraft Bonanza: I don't know if they'll be touring. It's unlikely, this was a reunion as tribute to a deceased friend and collaborator (someone of their old record company or like that) Concerts like these can easily lead to a tour, but it's going to be all up to the band.
  4. Music from the past

    quote: The Velvet Underground They just made amazing music. It makes me want to live in the 60-70s. I love The Velvet Underground. Sad that they didn't get much exposure even with Nino and Norman Rockwell, still one of the greatest bands of that era.
  5. HES MINE!!!!!

    That's awesome! I truly am happy for you and Mowglie. Spektor as a middle name or not, he/she already has a super cute and awesome name.
  6. Could someone send it to me also? McPh3rson@yahoo.com
  7. foreign singer kinda like regina..

    Emily Loizeau! She's just great. She's a French pianist/singer and has just 1 album so far.. but it's really good. She even has 2 or 3 songs sang in English on the album.
  8. the pickle game...........

    Yo girl, don't make me take out my pickle.
  9. Chai Tea..! I know, not soup.

    quote: Originally posted by Will Crane: In the city I live in we don't have dunkin donuts, is it good? Dunkin' Donuts is a franchise... and most of them suck.
  10. Anyone of us bidding on this?

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that she had a thousand C.D.s pressed and not actually made herself.
  11. If you like Regina, you might like....

    If you like Kimya, then you like Maureen Tucker and maybe Velvet Underground too?
  12. Chai Tea..! I know, not soup.

    I drank it and loved it. I must not let this get in the way of my black tea addiction though.
  13. regina a cat person???

    "then I saw a little black cat cross the street before a fast cab flashed and disappeared into the night he glanced back with understanding of a future life impending and we both knew it wasn't his time yet" -Lucky Penny It in no way means that Regina is a cat person though. Edit: I don't think wanting to take in stray cats make you a 'cat person' either. I've taken in all sorts of things including rats, snakes, iguanas, mice, cats, dogs, a very mean Tokay gecko named Geck and ate pinkie mice, a baby duckling, turtles, and many other animals. Just don't forget that cats are just animals too. I admit though, I have 3 cats and love the stray ones out back who sun bathe atop our shed.
  14. Regina Myspace messanger chat.

    quote: on myspace Maybe. A lot of people prefer to stay clear of Myspace though.
  15. Chai Tea..! I know, not soup.

    I made some Chai Tea earlier this evening. It smelled really good when cooled and made the house smell good as well. But once you're ready to drink it, the milkiness of it all is just too overwhelming. I'm going to save it for tomorrow.