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  1. just walking down the street in boston and...

    What time and where did this happen? I was walking around Boston all day and I never saw such happenings.
  2. Providence Set List

    Hello. I am extremely new here (well, newly registered....I've been prowling for a while). Am I too new to nit pick? Probably, but here I go: WillyLumps, thanks for posting the set list. Just to correct you on a couple song titles, though: Small Town Moon, not Small Town Woman and Baby Jesus - no Little there. Oh, and she played Samson as her first encore song, right before Ghost of Corporate Future. Now that I've annoyed you all, I must say that Regina Spektor was amazing during that concert. Especially for being as sick as she was. She and the band blended very well even though I'll always prefer solo Regina and her keyboard/piano, guitar, drumstick and microphone tapping.