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  1. What would be the ultimate Regina tour?

    Regina Playing at my house, that would be the ultimate tour for me.
  2. Regina's page on

    is that a 1-10 rating system? if so it looks like they dont care for reginas music too much
  3. can anyone help me find LARGE images please?

    wow that google image ripper is pretty cool
  4. Just found this video on You Tube...

    Wow cool find! she did seem a little not herself there, probobly because they got her at the end of the night after she had a few drinks in her lol
  5. Regina on "Loose Women"

    I have alot of those videos on my myspace if you would like to watch them. not to mentions almost 200 regina pics.
  6. Regina on "Loose Women"

    did anyone happen to find somewhere to see her appearance on Loose Women?
  7. Regina does Lennon's Real Love for AI

    man you guys are quick. I just found that on youtube and put up on my Regina Myspace. then came here thinking I was going to share something new. thats why I like this site.
  8. Regina in next 007 movie!

    Dang sorry guys, It works when I click on it, maybe it is because of some kind of cookie thing, dang it. any way it goes to a fake story about how the executives at csi Miami got her people intouch with the 007 people, and how she will have an acting part in the follow-up to Casino Royal, but no details on her role or the movies theme, and then a link to the full story, which takes you to an April fools page. but you had to be there to realy enjoy it. any way I would love to see her play a part in a bond movie, maybe a cute little biochemist working with bond to stop the spread of a deadly synthetic virus released by her evil boss. Hey I can dream cant I? after all she did say she would like to try acting, and the guys at csi did give her an invite, so maybe we will see her make her appearance there, sorry again about the bad link guys.
  9. does Regina have a boyfriend?

    jack wrote me that his hair and face are in a battle to the death, winner take all
  10. Regina in next 007 movie!

    check out this link
  11. Regina in next 007 movie!

    check out this link
  12. "regina has left the building"

    I heard one of here recent shows she had bronchitis but still played a full set, probobly the Stokholm show, a friend was there and said she was caughing alot. most musicians would cancel, what a trooper, like they say, the show must go on.
  13. is regina a lesbian?

    actualy what I think you are talking about is in the begining before she starts singing but is playing the piano, and she says softly to the audience not " im a lesbian" but rather she said "this is a nice piano" + " Ill just be doing this all night" also as far as her song lyrics go she has stated manytimes that none of her songs or lyrics are about her. except in the song "that time" where she mentions the bird with the broken wing, but thats it.
  14. does Regina have a boyfriend?

    If so I think this is the guy, Jack Dishel from only son, here is a pic from not to long ago in Israel
  15. "regina has left the building"

    This is for any one that has been to any regina shows lately. Did regina stay to sign any autographs, or talk to or take pics with fans after her show? I have had 2 friends go to two of her shows lately, one in PA and one in Stokholm and both said after the show they were told regina had left the building becaus she had somewhere she needed to be. Is she becoming more private now? Like finishing the set and getting the heck out of there?