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  1. Colchester show

    Sharon, folks, Saw Regina at the Charlotte in Leicester. She also made the point that she needed a riser so she could see everybody. Lots of people taller than me (and I'm 5 ft 9") and yes it is a problem. She was also asking people not to point their cameras at her 'cos she was getting distracted! Well, she is a sweetie, so it's not surprising people want to get pix of her! My complaint tho' was that there were a lot of people talking while she and her support act, Jeremy Warmsley, were on. Is it just me or is it just plain rude to do that? I mean, if you come for the music then why talk over it? Regina being the sweetie she is didn't ask for quiet (tho' maybe she couldn't hear it from there!), but it spoilt a gig I was looking forward to, for me. When I saw her in Birmingham a while ago at the Glee Club, the room was larger, she had a raised stage and people even tho' they were eating and drinking weren't talking over the music. Sigh, maybe it's because I'm getting old!
  2. UK Tour 2006

    Leicester??!! Doh! I missed that or I would have gone to that one, which as I'm in Loughborough (don't hold it against me!) is closer than Brum. Still, I am booked to see her in Brum now and soon after, Goldfrapp as well! Today, (6th Jan.) there was a good review of Mary-Anne and a jam session article on the back of the Guardian newspaper in the UK. It should be available online.
  3. Django, Zeppo was the least talented of the circus chimps... or so they thought. While he was not the greatest circus performer, he was a superb artist and gained a PhD in Pyscho=philosophy. Just as Zeppo Marx was the least talented of the Marx Brothers... or so it was thought...
  4. Friday Nov. 11 = 11:11 Holiday

    All I know is that 11/11 is two days after my birthday and at my age, my birthday is the last thing I wanna remember! In the British calendar, my birthday is 9/11 or 11/9 in the US... which confuses the hell out of me.
  5. Breakfast soup?

    Hey John... (where ya goin' with that cd in your hand?) If I call it porridge soup will I get away with it? If it's very runny porridge with honey in it...? Oh. Well, it was worth a try. Potato and Leek soup first thing in the morning, especially a winter morning would be good.
  6. Well, I have to admit that the one listen to 'Baby Jesus' made me buy a ticket to her Birmingham show in late January. It may be the only track that will get me like that, but I remember when my brother first played me REM. It took a while to grow on me. Generally I have the policy that I like what I like and don't care who else likes it or not. As the Mighty Stwongbad the Baad says, it's their loss if they don't like it. I never play the music I love to my dad because I know he won't like it and will make some stoopid comment. If it's not jazz or classical he doesn't like it. His problem, not mine.
  7. Well that one is in the style of Gorey and looks pretty good. It's possible that Regina has a circus trained chimp called Zeppo to draw for her so that she can concentrate on her musical work. I'd like to think so in any case. But then, I need more cake right now so wot do I kno?
  8. Us - Just played on BBC 6 Music

    adam, I suggest more cake. Then a quick drink and you'll feel better. Alison Goldfrapp and Regina eat Girls Aloud... tho' not eating girls and aloud as well, obviously.
  9. UK Tour 2006

    Dave, I have to agree, Brighton would be perfect for her. Unfortunately/fortunately for me I'm not in Sussex any more and miss Brighton badly. But I shall see her in Brum at least. It would be great to see her in Brighton tho' and I'm sure Regina would love the place... especially the Real Patisserie and the Royal Pavilion... are ya tempted yet Regina?!
  10. It's out there...

    Oh yes, the woods. If you're not eating or hunting in the middle of nature - you're lunch. Which is why I prefer not to go out in the woods much. If you go down in the woods today you're in for a big and brief surprise!!
  11. Loving Regina's Music is like Riding a Bike...

    Ok, sounds good. Mmm, Spektory goodness! Hey, you're right it DOES feel good! Tho' I hope loving her music isn't like riding a bike as I used to fall off a lot. I don't want Spektory bruises. But Spektory goodness I have always wanted and never knew it until you mentioned it... ok and I heard her stuff!
  12. I hugged her!!

    Given a choice, I suspect most people would rather hug Regina than the queen... except maybe Prince Philip, but he's totally banana-apple-fruitcake so he doesn't count. Also Regina is a better singer than the queen and funnier. Not, admittedly that it's hard to be funnier than HRH.
  13. Breakfast soup?

    There is a breakfast soup. It's called porridge! It's only oatmeal with hot water and milk, a thick soup... a very thick soup! I have to admit tho', pumpkin soup sounds pretty good.
  14. This is probably a very stupid question...

    Tooots, My mum used to give me the tough eye if I even mentioned Earl Grey with milk!! She said it should be without milk, weak (or it gets bitter) with a little lemon juice and sugar to taste if required. As her family were tea planters in India, I assumed, possibly foolishly that she knew what she was talking about. As for Chai, I never quite got that. Chai is Hindi (I think) for tea. So Chai is just a tea called, er, tea! I do like soup, but my favoured food is chocolate. 70% cocoa solids chocolate, but at least 60%. NEVER milk chocolate which is chocolate-flavoured fats and sugars and is bleah! When they do a chocolate and champagne soup tho' I'll be there! Until then I like Scotch broth, leek and potato, chicken and veg and most other soups.
  15. True, and also you're just gonna have to learn to share! It will be tough for her, I am sure, but maybe she needs to create a decent bad reputation first, then she can give that to the press and if they want more, tell them to mind their own d"£^" business. Her personal life is just that, personal and private. It's a big price to pay to share your ideas and your creative work, but what else is there? I mean, the lady's gotta live. We can appreciate her and we can write letters to the press when they say stupid things about her, but in the end, like Baudelaire wrote, we are 'like a cat at the feet of a queen'.