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  1. ingrid michaelson

    I really hadn't heard Ingrid except for commercial until the other night... I went to a Joshua Radin concert and she was there, and the first thing I thought when she started playing was, "Wow, she sounds a lot like Regina." They're definitely different, but she's very talented and creative in how she does her stuff, like Reg. Anyway, I'm kinda on an Ingrid Michaelson kick now. ^^ Dont worry, Regina's always my fav though
  2. Regina and her piano talents.

    Ohyes, definitely soviet kitsch... the flowers is unbelievably beautiful. and everytime i here us start, i just have to freeze im so "overtaken by its beauty." lol. i mean, tons of her songs are like that, but there's something about Us that is just like... wow. haha
  3. Songs you hope to see in the next album

    All of those great.. I'd also like One More Time With Feeling... i forget if I mentioned that earlier XD
  4. Songs you hope to see in the next album

    Thanks ... do you know how to download it though?
  5. Songs you hope to see in the next album

    Yes, all of these are songs I'd really like... Some of the ones I definitely want would be Loveology Human of The Year Time is All Around December 8th Floor probably more that I'm not thinking of... and some new stuff of course!!! And many people have been mentioning Man Of A Thousand Faces... I have that but it's a really crappy copy and I can't understand the words AT ALL Does anyone have a better one?
  6. Devil Come To Bethlehem!!

    if you give me your email address, id be happy to send it you
  7. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    Ok, here's the list: Ain't No Cover On the Radio Sailor Song The Flowers Baby Jesus Better Bobbin' for Apples That Time Apres Moi Music Box The Wallet Small Town Moon Human of the Year Poor Little Rich Boy Time is All Around Summer in the City Ghost of Corporate Future Us Fidelity Field Below Hotel Song Samson
  8. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    Aww. I hope I can some more. I was sooo nervous and ended up sounding pretty stupid. lol
  9. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    Yeah she was great. It was an amazing opportunity. I would that you'd met her, Perks.
  10. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    Haha same for me. I look like a total idiot in the pic though. I was in shock.
  11. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    Oh my god... the concert was amazing. The part when she and Only Son came out was so cute and great, and I loved how she reference Fox specifically for "never ever watch the ten o'clock news." That just cracked me up. But yeah, the show was great. I had a great seat right above her in the balcony. And I have a song list, in order, but my friend's currently in possesion of it. I'll post it ASAP though I am in complete disbelief that I actually met her. I mean, I've like hero worshipped her for like two years, and I finally met her and spoke to her. lol. I have to say she is one of the friendliest/nicest/sweetest/cutest people I've EVER met, famous or not. I asked her if she'd get on Brumsticks and she said that because of all the people now it'd be hard, but her dad checks it regularly and tells her about it. But she said she might. I really hope so. My best friend drew a picture of her to give to her and Regina was telling her how great and sweet of her it was. My god, she is so amazing. And I've got some pics on Facebook too. My name is Sara Jessica Crawford, I think i'm the only one. If you'd like to see them send me a request and just say you're from Brumsticks same for myspace- and kaysntees, I'm interested in seeing your pics. could you tell me how to find your profile?
  12. Regina Gone Vertigo

    Once in middle school I had a pretty bad ear infection... anyway , I got out of my seat in science to turn a lab report in and i just totally blacked out... I got all dizzy and fell on the ground. I was never like completely unconscious or anything, I just felt... Idk how to describe it, but it was weird. Anyway, that's my experience. I hope Regina feels better soon, at least by December 5th
  13. Atlanta: Where's The Back Door?

    The manager of the Tabernacle said she has a really bad ear infection Poor Reg... I'm sad it's cancelled but I'm glad it's at least rescheduled... I hope she feels better!
  14. Atlanta: Where's The Back Door?

    I'll be there! I cannot wait AT ALL! Anyway, I'm definitely staying afterwards to meet her... And I'd be more than happy to ask her questions for anyone about Brumstix or something! I don't really check here much, but if you wanna send me something my email's: hahha, yeah, a bit strange. anyway, send whatever! thanks.
  15. Georgia

    Well, I'm definitely up with it. Not so sure about my friend and her dad though... I'll check in