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  1. Regina spektor posers

    I adore it all. A few songs took a couple of listens to fully appreciate... but there's nothing by Regina that I dislike. I know of people who prefer the more produced songs... but they're coming around. It's a process, I think. And there are elitists with every community of fans, I've noticed. I love it. It's great fun. I consider myself a Smahing Pumpkins elitist because I was listening to Siamese Dream and Pisces Iscariot when I was 11. Though, I'm completely unfamiliar with any Smashing Pumpkins from the past 5 years. So.. what does that really make me? Hmmmm....
  2. musicians/actors u have met

    John Wozniak (a few times) Brenda Lee The Captain (but not Tenille) Ben Vereen Shelly Long Rip Taylor
  3. Syringe is having his moment....

    We (not I but my friends) got some excellent video and pics as well. Hopefully I have them soon. You were in a much better spot than I Syringe. Nice... Oh yeah, was completely unaware of the incident in Cleveland the night before. That's too bad. People need to think about how their actions can be interpretated a bit more, I suppose. Kids.
  4. Syringe is having his moment....

    Wow... was not even aware that she was sick. that's impressive. So, the show was fabulous. Waited too long after Only Son for her to come out... it was damn near half an hour. With the people and the heat it got to be uncomfortable. I got lightheaded and one of my friends got a pounding headache. Ah well... She was amazing, which was to be expected. We hung around talking to a staff member one of my friends knew... we were some of the last out of the room. Then we hung around the lobby area and we were the last out of there. Then we hung around the parking lot and took pictures by the sign and spied on her bus... lol. We never saw her. I don't believe she made any sort of appearance anywhere. But, she still was fabulous and beautiful and rocked my world. I loved Summer in the City, Musicbox, and Samson. Well, I loved all of it... but those stick out on my mind. As well as the awesome, beatboxy Hotel Song with Only Son. (He was... different. Still not sure what I think about him. He played with an IPod... that was weird.) LOVEd it. Loved it. So happy we went....
  5. drugs:: does Regina do them?

    quote: Originally posted by Might Make A dollar: I certainly hope Regina does drugs because if she doesn't I will feel left out. Drugs are fantastic. AHAHAHAHAHA. This was hysterical. Thank you. I think a lot of people's opinions of "drugs" have been obviously swayed by innaccurate "facts" and sometime blatant lies fed to us by the media and bullshit studies. Not that that has to do with anything. It sounds to me like Regina isn't into pot. And definitely not anything harder than that (Like... actual drugs). So yay for her! To each their own. But there are a lot of fine, upstanding, productive and intelligent people who dabble. I'll bet that Regina is of the opinion that adults should be permitted to make their own decision about what they will or will not take into their bodies. Speculation is fun. Maybe I'll ask Regina what she thinks of the war on drugs tonight.
  6. Here it comes....

    Eeeeeeee... leaving for Indy in 4 HOURS!
  7. Current Regina Taping Policy

    Will most likely have a recording of Regina at Murat. Unless they stop us.
  8. Here it comes....

    Here is ME! I'm going to be at the Murat tomorrow with 3 other hippie girls and one hippie dude. We'll probably be really excited and a little drunk. We all have really long hair. (I know, I know... molding to the stereotype) Say HEY if you see me! SOOOO excited! Peace and love... Andrea

    I bought my tickets!! At least 4 hippies will be in attendance. What a great night!

    I'm going to be there! I might be bringing a small army. Woooooooo!
  11. NEW Regina Shows - Oct / Nov 2007 - OH, NE, MN, WI, MA, NY, CA, GA, VA

    *GASP* That might be quite doable for me. *hops around the room in excitement*

    "... the history books forgot about us and the bible didn't mention us. Not even once." "Your children have grown and you never made your wife moan" "And it's the greatest voyage in the history of plastic"
  13. Hi!!

    Hi Cheyenne! I'm new too. Yay!
  14. Song Lyrics from my heart. please read it...

    That is beautiful! And not just for being 12. I have 30 yr old friends who aren't as coherent and poetic as you. Bravo. Keep it up. Or your grounded! hehe
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