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  1. Liszt, Kings, and Aquarius

    I see what you mean! wow un sospiro is really beautiful
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    eeee how soon do you think she meant when she said the tour dates will be out "pretty soon"?
  3. 1999 demo tape

  4. 1999 demo tape

    Do you guys think that Cinderella is the same song as Rockland County? The reason I think so is because the song New York Cinderella on the upcoming album is the same as Rockland County...if this is the case, then that's one less song of Regina's that we don't have!
  5. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    eeeeeee i'm so excited for the new album!! i have to admit though, i am apprehensive about the producers..i hope it isn't overproduced or bubble-gummy.
  6. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    ahhhhhh I can't wait for the tour dates to be released!!!! and the new album, of course
  7. NEW blog post for Israel!

    well, I still disagree with regina's statement that speaking against israel is automatically anti-semitic, and I think that part of her saying that may stem from nativism. I did not mean nativism negatively (although I understand that it is can have a negative connotation). we have a natural tendency to sympathize with our own people and culture because we are more familiar with them and we are more exposed to their points of view. we are all susceptible to it. with regard to what I called the unfair treatment of Palestinians, my opinion is pretty complex. I love Israel, I have family there, I have visited there, and I believe that it has a right to exist. I understand completely the spiritual and culture connection that the Jewish people have to Israel, as well as the need for us, as a constantly persecuted people, to have a land of our own. however, I also think the perspective of the Arabs is equally valid. to them, it seemed very unfair that after many centuries of not occupying Israel, the Jews were coming back and setting up a government there. the Palestinians that occupied Israel at the time of its creation regarded it as much their home as Jews regarded it their home. many Arabs were forced to flee their homes, but since it is complex and debatable who was in the right during the Arab-Israeli war, I won't get into that. you are right that it is fruitless to be pointing fingers long after these events have taken place. they are irreversible, but at the same time, considering them really helps one understand the perspective that the Palestinians are coming from. today, Israel is not permitting the return of Arab refugees, which I understand is out of a desire to maintain a Jewish majority, but I do not agree with this policy and I believe it unjust. you're right that I should have been using facts instead of stating generalizations. but I still stand by the conclusions that I made. also, please understand that I am not on the side of the Palestinians, nor am I on the side of Israel. I think it is a very complex issue, and there a millions of facts that I could add that complicate it further. and in conflicts like this one, some of the fault always lies with both sides. I just wish that one day the Israelis and Palestinians will be able to celebrate their diversity rather than hate one another and coexist peacefully. of course unemployment and poverty are not excuses for terrorism, but put into the position of the Palestinians, many of us would elect Hamas, too. Hamas is a terrible organization that should not exist, and peace in the Middle East will never be achieved as long as it exists, but we should not judge people that elected it out of fear, anger, and desperation. people do things that they would not normally do when put into extremely difficult situations.
  8. NEW blog post for Israel!

    Mary Ann, I respect your views, but I would like to ask you to please respect mine, too. I have taken history classes that have covered this issue in depth and I have heard perspectives from both sides. I attended a Jewish school for many years and learned a lot about the conflict, and I find it offensive that you assume I have "little knowledge." I consider myself pretty well-informed, and I don't like being called ignorant or highly biased, because in my post I definitely addressed both sides of the issue. I was not being accusatory, I was only stating what is, in my mind, a simple fact, just like we all are. I am not anti-Israel or anti-Semitic or anything of the sort. Everything, after all, is biased. We all make our own judgments and conclusions about the state of affairs.
  9. NEW blog post for Israel!

    you're absolutely right.
  10. NEW blog post for Israel!

    i think the moderator comment was directed towards musiclover, not you, monster. haha
  11. NEW blog post for Israel!

    profanity is unnecessary and will certainly not get me to take you seriously, musiclover. if i were you i would delete that last comment because it was extremely racist.
  12. NEW blog post for Israel!

    i agree, i was also surprised that she neglected to mention the unfair way in which palestinians were treated upon the creation of a jewish state. the only thing i can attribute that to is nativism, which is surprising because it's regina, but nobody is infallible. and my saying this of course is not anti-semitic; i'm jewish
  13. Regina Song Showdown!

    the flowers the flowers vs. ave maria
  14. Name That reg Tune

    dead rat "wait a minute"
  15. NEW blog post for Israel!

    agreed! i think it's fruitless to sit here and split hairs over which side is to blame. that's not the point. both israel and palestine have done things wrong. period. a conflict like this one is never the fault of just one side. so many people are dying purposelessly that we should be thinking of a solution, not pointing fingers. and i mean this as a comment about the world in general, not as an attack on anybody on this forum. like regina said, there is so much propaganda and bias and finger pointing in the news, and for what? it is baffling and upsetting to me that two incredibly cool, beautiful, intimately connected cultures can hate each other so much.
  16. NEW blog post for Israel!

    oh my god, i love her so much. i don't agree with everything she said (like being against israel necessarily being thinly veiled anti-semitism), but i love this post so much. she is so wonderful. most people i know only look at one side of the issue, whether it be israel's or palestine's, and i love that she doesn't. i love this paragraph: "I believe in God, and am a Jew, and yet i love all people of other faiths, and people of no faith, with my whole heart, so i know that it is possible. I love America, and Israel, and my mother country Russia, and all the countries i have had the honor and privilege to visit, and the countries that i have yet to visit in the future, and the countries i will never have the chance to visit in my lifetime, and so i know that it is possible. I love Humans and I love Nature, though from the beginning of time they have been destroying each other, and i love them both, and so i know that it is possible. And I feel that love without paradox. Without feeling for one at the expense of another. And so i know that it is possible." she is incredible. i cried reading this because i am so happy that i can love and relate to my favorite musician on so many levels. i, too am russian and jewish and i love israel but i find the horrible things being perpetrated against the palestinians objectionable. i swear that at some point i have said that exactly as she did, about loving all people without paradox. i think it's so awesome that brumstix exists and that we can all discuss such an extraordinary human being quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by leaves: quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by leaves: but in the end she wants what I, and everyone else wants: peace. If only this were true, that everyone wanted it, we'd have it.... I truly believe people want peace, but people can be selfish and only accept it on their terms. The only terms Israel wants is to be left in peace. The Palestinians prefer war. i think that it is extremely important to make a distinction between the palestinians and hamas. hamas is militant organization. hamas prefers war. but the palestinians are regular people just like you and me and saying that they prefer war is an unfair generalization. yes, they elected hamas, but it was out of fear. if we put ourselves in their position, it isn't too difficult to understand why they would elect hamas. the palestinians are not nearly as well off as israel. unemployment and poverty are very high and they are tired of being pushed around by israel.
  17. Regina Song Showdown!

    time is all around! time is all around v human of the year
  18. young regina

    wow, awesome! it's cool to hear how much her voice has evolved
  19. Regina Song Showdown!

    small town moon! small town moon vs. 8th floor
  20. Regina:PFON/W (possible oscar nom/winner)

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: quote: Originally posted by abbottANDcostello: i'm not so sure i'd be too thrilled to see her actually WIN the Oscar...keep in mind that Eminem has an Oscar, but Carey Grant and Alfred Hitchcock do not. personally, sometimes i feel like winning these awards is like taking candy from Nazis. that being said, it'd be SUPER cool to see her perform at the awards show...we know John Cusack would love it. i agree. i feel like this: she has so many BETTER songs, but hasn't won an award for them.... i hope she wins b/c she's made of awesomeness, but on the other hand...... I agree...meh, I don't care much for the Oscars. The artists that win are always ones that sell a tons of records and are signed to a huge label. There are so many talented musicians that deserve recognition but won't ever win an Oscar only because they don't want to have to sacrifice their creativity/soul for fame. That's not to say that I think all big label artists suck (Regina is one, after all), but i don't know.. for some reason i'm uncomfortable with the whole becoming-huge-and-winning-an-oscar thing.
  21. Regina Song Showdown!

    lounge vs time is all around
  22. Regina Song Showdown!

    ooo this is tough... pound of flesh pound of flesh vs. ne me quitte pas
  23. oh i just got it..mary ann.. wow i feel like an idiot
  24. absolutely plagued bahaha. who was the bitch? i didn't understand that one.