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  1. Dead Rat-YouTube clip

    YAY! IT'S LIKE THE OLD REGINA AGAIN! she looks skinner. has she been losing weight?
  2. Meaningful Regina Lyrics

    "you don't know what love is til you see her standing there, a web of skin and nails and hair"
  3. Live at Lollapalooza EP

    I LOVE IT! finally, a non BTH or SK song officially released!
  4. How big will Regina get?

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Grammy awards have nothing to do with artistic merit. In the year 2007, it's simply an award for the most conventionally popular act/song. I'd be more interested if Regina can win an Ivor Novello award for best songwriting. I agree, and for this reason i hope she never wins a grammy. I don't want regina to be recognized for giving the masses something they expect, something predictable and easy to listen to. i want her to be remembered for challenging us with her originality and innovation.
  5. bands you think should go away forever

    quote: Originally posted by Auckmann: You can't forget about rap. Which isn't really music but it still sucks. Very few rap artists have any talent. Eminem is pretty much the only good rapper. okay i definitely disagree with that. popular rap on the radio is crap, but there are so many amazing credible rap artists that aren't covered by the media.
  6. fuck regina's record label

    ^^agreed. also, I don't think regina ever said she had TOTAL artistic control over BTH. She said she had "a lot." However much "a lot" is is open to interpretation.
  7. ipod ad?

    lol...except not at all (and inferior in every way )
  8. fuck regina's record label

    I love begin to hope, but yeah, FUCK HER RECORD LABEL! FUCK MAJOR RECORD LABELS IN GENERAL! I think she made a mistake signing with one, but she is an amazing artist and person and I won't let one mistake ruin her for me. I want Sire to do something really evil like try to dramatically alter her work/make it "mainstream friendly," and then Regina will ditch her label a la Nellie McKay and then all of will be like YES! SHE'S AMAZING! BEING TRUE TO HERSELF AND HER FANS AND REFUSES TO LET A CORPORATION CONTROL HER!
  9. ipod ad?

    I think your sister just made a mistake. in all honesty, if regina did that, i'd be pretty disappointed.
  10. 11:11 - Is it any good?

    well, a forum full of regina lovers are inevitably going to say that they love it If you have her other 3 cds and like them, I would definitely get 11:11. It's different from her other work and takes some getting used to, but it's worth it!!
  11. Regina on Democracy

    i voted for her ! hopefully enough brumstix people voted to get her in the top 10.
  12. Regina on Democracy

  13. Name That reg Tune

    on the radio "nails and hair"
  14. drugs:: does Regina do them?

    I don't think regina is high when she writes her lyrics, and in all honesty, i'd be disappointed if she is. i don't think i'd like it if some of the most moving lyrics (to me) were written by someone on drugs. meh. :/
  15. drugs:: does Regina do them?

    I don't think regina would necessarily be offended that people are speculating whether she does drugs, she'd probably be amused; she's pretty private though and probably wants to keep us guessing
  16. Mockingbird & Penalty Shots

    lol, interesting question.
  17. Robogina Spektor

    he/she/it has a myspace- http://profile.myspace.com/roboginaspektor ... how strange..
  18. Somebody Say Something!!

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3ARyAb_1Bs thatll spice this forum up. xDD HAHAHA
  19. Somebody Say Something!!

    i just started college as well.
  20. The Meaning Behind 11:11?

    For all we know it could just be the time that she finished recording the album. we'd have to ask her ourselves, but them we'd be deprived of the fun of speculating
  21. Under the Blacklight - Rilo Kiley

    I only listened to it once, and i get really annoyed when people judge an artist/song/whatever the first time they hear it, so i'm trying to reserve my judgments, but it's difficult!
  22. After some wine

    quote: Originally posted by bitsofbone: I'm right though arnt I? lol Eliana did you have a nice birthday? Mine was great! I'm glad your's turned out great (after the mother incident), mine was too! and yes, you are right.