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    As participants in this great and short-lived human experience we are hard-wired to classify, categorize, and compartmentalize. I suspect truly remarkable talent, as in Ms. Spektor's, is transcendental to this mortal coil - that is, sups from a sweet wellspring deeper than the bitter and troubled waters of Tori Amos. Anger always will draw a crowd that tolerates and/or embraces discord. Tori Amos is amazing in her gifts and quite pleasurable to the ear if you want to slather yourself in misery, pity, and self-centeredness. As a comparision with the visual arts she shares the same bed as Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas - angry not-so-young-anymore women. It's sane and correct to sing/paint/write/create about hardships and heartache but it is insane and exhausting to dwell on it. In my humble opinion Ms. Spektor's hard-earned and highly-warrented public praise is a direct reflection of the amount of love in her heart for what she does, who she is, and who we are. Yep, the Beatles had this too. Perhaps a more applicable comparision to Regina Spektor would be the luminous and visionary talents of Kate Bush - especially the early years. Ms. Spektor and Ms. Bush have unequivocable made this world a better place to live - they are true audio-humanitarians. PEACE p.s. The Tucson show (11/06/2006) was dynamite! Does anyone know the name of the very first song Regina played? Ms. Spektor, it was truly an honor to meet you! I have met few people as genuine and happy as you - this spills over onto others - thank you.