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  1. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I rarely post here but just wanted to say that after the Beacon and listening to her songs more in depth, I changed my mind completely about the album. Those songs live rocked my world. I am convinced that Regina should write a really abstract political musical play. Like, Marisol by Jose Rivera but a musical. It would freaking rock. quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: quote: Originally posted by HFLAbob: I was just looking through the Begin to Hope thread. I love how everyone did the same thing with hoping that the new song titles were some strange title for another song. Can you post that link HFLAbob, I want to see the begin to Hope Thread, bbecause I was not here! The only thing that I can think of in terms of "Far" is ironically one of my favorite songs of hers that also ironically happens to be on the album- One More Time With Feeling. And, by this, I mean: "You thought by now you'd be so much better than you are / You thought by now they'd see that you had come so far" Maybe it is in reference to this. A lot of her songs are also futuristic so maybe it has to do with something about "far" into the future.
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I haven't posted in a while, but have to throw in my 2 cents... I have to admit I am not a fan. I feel like the songs were ruined by what sounds like computer generated instruments in the background. Which obviously was intentional given the theme of the album. She basically ruined One Time With Feeling for me, like maybe, forever. All of these sounds played live will be AMAZING. They are AMAZING. The new ones are AMAZING. It's the production that kills me.
  3. sorry! didn't read the last two pages... got it!
  4. I got a new computer and seem to have forgotten to transfer my demo version of Genius Next Door.... does anyone have a copy to spare me a trip to the land of storage?
  5. TED - long beach feb 4 2009

    http://conferences.ted.com/TED2009/program/ I saw some pictures on flickr. Pretty awesome organization.
  6. TED - long beach feb 4 2009

    http://conferences.ted.com/TED2009/program/ I saw some pictures on flickr. Pretty awesome organization.
  7. Bowery Ballroom Jan 22 2009

    Thursday night was proof that people who are truly good at heart really do still exist. She gives me so much hope.
  8. loveology meaning

    I still think all of those interpretations definitely hold true. I just heard a real story when listening to the song the other day and wanted to share. It was almost as if an actual scene is replaying over and over in the song (especially with how she uses her voice), and everything in-between is her way of thinking about how a separate love unfolded. Both instances of a relationship teach her about love, which is why -ology is attached to the end of words and the "open your textbooks", and goes with the whole humanist and forgive me/hum me a song conversation/argument. It's almost as if in this one argument she learns about love, as it triggers this story within her.
  9. loveology meaning

  10. McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

    Has a time been decided yet??
  11. McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

    what time is everyone getting there?
  12. Absolute favorite Regina lyrics?

    quote: Originally posted by jackm: Here are some of my favorites: "Things I have loved I'm allowed to keep" Seconded. I forgot about this one too. I love The Flowers.
  13. Absolute favorite Regina lyrics?

    this is so hard.... "I'm sorry-ology, forgive me-ology" in fact that whole -ology section of loveology gets me every time. actually that whole song gets me every time. "If Hans Christian Andersen could've had his way with me / Then none of this shit would have ever gone down" "My mama thinks I'm grown but I'm really just little" "Summer in the city, I’m so lonely lonely lonely/ I’ve been hallucinating you, babe, at the backs of other women/ And I tap on their shoulder and they turn around smiling/ But there’s no recognition in their eyes/"
  14. If Regina would ever do a cover song.....

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: i listened to saint joni in the car today, so it made me think id love to hear regina cover something like River. Seconded! I feel like I can hear it already. Or All I Want...or You Turn Me On I'm A Radio... or Carrie... I love Joni Mitchell, she's my #1.