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  1. $80 well spent

    i will take a better pic later
  2. ever hear people say bad stuff about regina?

    quote: Originally posted by stwongbad85: ive found that most people that listen to radio head, bjork, and are also into experimental folk stuff like joanno newsome, devendra, Antony & J's....and those crowds trypically always like Regina when i introduce them to her..........but most people that listen to mainstream rock/pop typically just think she is weird and dosent like it when she makes "funny/strange noises" ....i understand why...i then proceed to tell them that they probabably really dont want me to put on my Cocorosie CDl.........but yeah it is really frusterating when people dismiss her music immediatley when they hear her do lip trails, or the vocal drum machine beats.........but hey.........its there loss yep yep i listen t all of those artists i totally agree
  3. i will cry for days if Human Of The Year is not on this new album
  4. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by leaves: quote: Originally posted by юля: хыхыхы))) Well somebody didn't eat lunch earlier. I'm just messn', but I wonder what she's singing? my guess is baby Jesus i should know cuz i saw all the videos of this show but i forgot.
  5. $80 well spent

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: quote: Originally posted by Sanddancer: I don't think that Regina has a problem with tattoos or people with them as such, but I think I can say with some certainty that she doesn't approve of them. Not just for herself, but on others. I met her and asked her to sign her name on my arm, with the intention of going straight to my tattooist to have him go over it, creating a pretty unique Regina tattoo. She wasn't into it at all and refused to do it. She even asked the question that all of the people I know that are into tattoos hate more than any other..."why would you want to do that to yourself?". I still may work up something to have done...maybe an entire leg composed of imagery from the sings, the album covers and maybe some choice lyrics, perhaps a stylised picture of Regina herself in there somewhere. Seems a little odd though, doing it knowing that she would disapprove. Not that I'd be doing it for her, I get my tattoos for me alone, but still... wow this is the proof weve been searching for all along well shoot i was gonna get her to put her signature somewhere next to it o well
  6. anyone have any respekt related tattoos?

    i say go for it
  7. Explain Your Name Here!!

    quote: Originally posted by redsawdas: i came up with this in like seventh grade because everything else was taken. it's kind of lame, but all of the letters touch on the keyboard... I use it for everything, but I wish there was a better story. ha me too lol
  8. Explain Your Name Here!!

    i created bowchee out of frustration when choosing a screen name years ago.
  9. Songs you hope to see in the next album

    defff. Human of the Year
  10. One More Time With Feeling...

    thank you
  11. does regina frighten your parents?

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: so.. haha today my mom showed her fear that i was a lesbien, solely because of my regina obsession. haha...i am actually pretty suspisious because at the moment she was toying with asking mei was asking my mom which regina photo looked best to put up in my locker next year. and she said "sweetie, you know that i dont have a problem with gay people, do you like girls." hahah and after stiffling my laughter i said " mom, i dont have a problem with gay people either, but i just really like regina's music, and her that i think about it she's got a pretty nice rack (smiling)" haha.. it was funny that regina scares my parents. im pretty sure my joke convinced my mom that i just have a real bad case of reginitus. but who knows, maybe one day ill be shipped off to camp while i scream "but im a cheerleader" ... jk jk.. IM NOT A FLIPPIN CHEERLEADER! thats so funny i have a similar thing my friends all think that i love her and i do but for her music in fact i have never even looked at her in that kind of way
  12. $80 well spent

    yes i like it alot and i plan on showing her when i get the chance i will probably go out to texas on the next small show
  13. $80 well spent

    kinda but more towards the front of the arm. sometimes it kinda hurt but it didn't really hurt too much it would have if i would have put it more in the inside
  14. $80 well spent

    nope she is just my favorite artist
  15. $80 well spent

    i will take a better pic later
  16. Voice on Tape

    if she ever comes back down to new orleans i will ask her
  17. JEEZ

    quote: Originally posted by im a pizzatarian: ^^^ gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. JohnnyC: Did you just call me gay, eight times? that was so funny
  18. JEEZ

    she only came to my town like 1 time and i didint even know about her then i found out about her after so be greatfull
  19. Interview on VH1 Dec.2 9AM

    no prob. yea they broke the interview into 3 parts

    mabe she is like me i tend to just not capitalize the only place i do is when i write papers or write programs
  21. Regina Demographics

  22. Interview on VH1 Dec.2 9AM

    1 2 3
  23. AOL DL & VH1 Links

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: While I understand his need to rant, and agree with the sentiment of Adam's comment, I think it's based on an assumption that people don't want Regina to gain more success. I don't think that is the case. I think most of the people that are upset (disheartened may be a better word) with Regina's success are looking at the new fans who don't appreciate Regina's music as most of the older fans feel that they should. I admit that it even bothers me when something that I enjoy becomes a simple fleeting interest to someone else. Disposable in a manner of speaking, not warranting their attention for too long, lest they not be on the cutting edge of what's next. Obviously most fans wish Regina all of the success in the world, while some may be left wishing that appreciation & success weren't mutually exclusive. There may even be something to be said for the fact that the masses have been attracted to her via commercial means, rather than hearing the music and connecting themselves to it first. I'm more trying to analyze the situation here than to provide an explanation, so my temporary conclusion is this: Yes there are shortsighted greedy fans that want Regina all to themselves, but there are others expressing problems with her growing fame, not out of selfishness, but out of disdain for the cheapening effect of music industry marketing & societal popularity. Things that have the ability to suck innocent joy out of anything. *ADDENDUM - My personal stance on this 'issue' is easy to explain. I wish Regina continued success - as I define success, and it's not with numbers of fans. Happiness and the ability to sustain a career full of inspiration for many years (a lifetime?) is how I would define success for her. Commercial success is inconsequential. I also know that if her next performance in my town is at the same size (or larger) venue than it was the last time, I will not be attending. I prefer the enjoyable memories of the shows that I've been to. Larger crowds, different vibe, personal feelings of alienation from what was once a small friendly community - not my cup of tea. I've experienced my favourite version of Regina, I guess the world can have theirs... for now i tottaly agree with this. i belive some of my friends may really like her but some i dont know and like JohnnyC said "I admit that it even bothers me when something that I enjoy becomes a simple fleeting interest to someone else." but i guess i am rong for feeling that way and i should just let others do what they want to do i just bothers me a little
  24. FIDELITY music video

    i have been a fan far before VH1 not too far but kinda. i found her on myspace on the dresden dolls myspace but i doo agree with alot of you when it was not on tv my friends where like what is john listening to. some kinda liked her and now all kinds of people i know started to like her. i just hope they really like her and they are not just jumping on the "i want to be cool bus". i just really like piano and when i herd regina spektor the first time it was my favorite artist and will always be.