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  1. Lollapalooza

    anyone going to lollapalooza??
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    ahhhhh. i haven't been here FOREVER. but omg blue lips, one more time with feeling, dance anthem....the excitement can't be contained. god can be so hilarious
  3. Where does Regina live?

    Hola. I know Regina lives in New York, but does anyone know exactly where in the city she currently resides?? I'm going to be in New York at the end of June and I was just curious!!
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    the photographer- girl in a coma
  5. quote: Originally posted by squeakycleanK: hey you're the one doing all the tegan and sara vid's right? ! i second that question/exclamation! i just watched one today.
  6. Regina & Ben Folds on Conan

    obama belt!
  7. Happy 4th

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! Hope it's a great one!
  8. Alternative Housing

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Yeah, that was k8e. Well there's another thread talking about sending her a house warming gift and I voiced my decent. I think that would be too creepy. Our girl deserves her privacy. She gives us so much at shows, well except for that pic with you Yes, that was indeed me. I believe it was my first post or so? i was met with a backlash of sorts.... Definitely understand where it came from, but it frightened me at the time.
  9. Sexuality

    oh wow. i just finished the whole movie. i was intermittently watching it throughout the day due to work and other obligations. that was so great though! it was so powerful and touching. made me cry a good number of times throughout it. thanks for sharing!!
  10. Sexuality

    I just started watching that....and I must say, I admire that pie-thrower....
  11. Regina on this year's True Colors tour.

    here's a pic i found with morgan doctor of the cliks. regina
  12. Hey all! I just wanted to remind you Regina is going to be on the VH1 top 20 countdown tomorrow morning at 9 ET as a guest!
  13. New Photo

    oh wow! stunning
  14. Recovered from an Eating Disorder!

    hi!! i'm so glad to see you back here! AND i'm sorry my letter is so long in coming. i was just thinking about that today and hating my slowness. expect it soon!
  15. Regina on Vh1!

    Hey all! I just wanted to remind you Regina is going to be on the VH1 top 20 countdown tomorrow morning at 9 ET as a guest!
  16. The new 'Better' video?

    i hope so too. i watched the full countdown today, and the guests they had were actually interviewed and talked to. so hopefully regina's the same. it sounded that way at least. i believe the host said something along the lines of "next week we'll be sitting down with the soviet songstress" or something. i'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  17. The new 'Better' video?

    regina will be on the vh1 top twenty countdown next saturday morning as a guest!
  18. What are you listening to right now?

    The Clocks Were Asleep
  19. The new 'Better' video?

    oh i loved this video! it is so pretty and cool. i also thought it was reminiscent of a shampoo commercial when they were all together.
  20. i just saw it twice today! the first time my back was to the tv, but when i heard the opening notes, i immediately spun around. then i saw another version of the commercial,which was a little different, but i forget exact details. i was so surprised!
  21. Auckland show

    as a result of having some time of my hands, i got to wondering...the auckland show was the 18th, and according to my trusty cell phone and it's world clock, it's like 2ish in the afternoon there now on July 19. so it's over? kinda weird
  22. Spektris!

    have any of you played this? it took the spot of solitaire and minesweeper as my main boredom-relief today at work. reminds me of the old days when i played tetris on a big, chunky gameboy. sigh...*nostalgia* plus i never am interested in the actual rules of minesweeper, i prefer to randomly click. so it gets old fast. enjoy the evening!
  23. Explain Your Name Here!!

    my name's Katie, and k8e is just a play on that...i thought it was the coolest thing in like fifth grade.
  24. Walking in... (your town here)

    the closest thing i can think of about Peoria is good ol' sufjan: Prairie Fire that Wanders About
  25. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: mushaboom- feist.... im mezmerized!!!!!!! have you heard the bright eyes mushaboom cover? it's a bit cruder than feist's version, but it's cute and genuine. but i'm biased because i love bright eyes. oh and i'm listening to Fiona Apple- Fast As You Can