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  1. Whyn't You Help A Brother Out!?

    Tessa, you are a very smart person. Lupe Fiasco is also the only person i could imagine Regina doing something with, though it is a very long shot...
  2. Town Hall 9/27 YouTube

    aw man im mad she came out to sign autographs, i waited for a while guess i didnt wait long enough.
  3. Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

    I was at lastnight's show at Town Hall and it was great to see Regina live for the first time. She was soo giggly the whole night i was in the Balcony and all i could see was her smiling, pink cheeks all over, so cute. By the way i was the black guy in the suit and tie and the Bone misfits Hoodie, i felt so over dressed coming from work. i brought my cousin to the show for her birthday she also loved it. I waited around a little to see if Regina would have interacted with the audience a little bit, so i could have a chance to offer her out to dinner ... she didnt come out . I'd also like to see a copy of the video, i hope those who see her tonight enjoy.
  4. 1 Extra NYC ticket For Sale: 6th Row

    I'll be there... on the balcony