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  1. technical behind the scenes

    wow, i never knew so many people played violin on the brumstix. I play too. I seriously cannot imagine myself without my violin I've been playing so long. I would give my left arm to play violin for a regina concert but if i did then i wouldn't be able to play violin. maybe a leg would do...
  2. Name That reg Tune

    A Cannon "Surely join"
  3. the sign of brumstix (t-shirts)

    to be honest id do it at home with iron on paper itd be a lot cheaper and more fun...but itd look more professional probably if you bought one
  4. Name That reg Tune

    Chemo Limo "Things I have"
  5. Name That reg Tune

    Oedipus...again "call it a gift"
  6. Tears and Regina

    listening to Rejazz just now brought a few tears to my eyes i dont even know why but its just such a simple and beautiful song that might have something to do with it also at my first and only (so far) regina concert, i felt tears come to my eyes it was at the royal festival hall and i was so far back and sitting behind a really tall person i had to sit on my bag and i could still barely see. her voice was so moving i was so happy.
  7. the sign of brumstix (t-shirts)

    do you mean the official t-shirts or the brumstix ones that this thread is about?
  8. Name That reg Tune

    BABY JESUS!!!! "awful sad"
  9. Name That reg Tune

    SUNY Film Score Project "i slipped in"
  10. the sign of brumstix (t-shirts)

    I love the designs, theyre all so cool! i might have to steal so iron on paper from my schools textiles room, unfortunately i dont know when reginas next coming to the uk, hopefully in the summer. In the meantime im gonna make an amazing tee shirt.
  11. Name That reg Tune

    Baobobs also i was thinking of Rejazz too we must be on the same wavelength "They don't even rhyme"
  12. Name That reg Tune

    Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men "so I didn't" p.s: so glad this thread is back.
  13. Style (Fashion-wise) & the Best Earrings Ever

    These are beautiful earrings I might just have to beg for some Ive loved her earrings in the On teh radio video since I first saw it. thanks for finding this it must have taken you ages.
  14. Reginaisms Blog

    I dont have talent I can just do quite a few things alrite. Wow 15 regina addicts, I wish I knew one other person in my area who was a proper Regina addict, most of my friends hate her music after hearing just fidelity or like 1 person likes just one everyone thinks I'm weird and have really bad taste in music. Did you record your performance of Your Honor? Bet it was good
  15. Reginaisms Blog

    having only been posting on here about a month I have a theory that everyone on here has a talent... I wish my IT teacher thought my work was good! She thinks im slow