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  1. just wondering is Regina in a relationship??

    hmm, i just found this doing a search. its from a blog. quote: # 6. Anonymous | December 5th, 2005 at 11:14 pm Levy is a very good band….but the small success they have achieved has gone to their heads. They used to be nice guys..they aren’t anymore. James Levy the lead singer is Regina Spektor’s ex ..and quite a few of the band’s songs are about Julian Casablancas and Regina Spektor’s affair while she was James’s girlfriend. Levy is genuinely a good band..too bad ..the guys aren’t so down to earth anymore. i wonder if any of regina's songs are about that.
  2. the folding chair movement

    i feel the exact same way! i love that song/line! i made this photoshop thinggy that i used as a sig at another forum for a while. now i wish i could go back and make the word "body" in that other font, but alas, it is too late and i'm too lazy to do it over again.
  3. Get Rare or Live-Only songs here

    this may be posted in another thread, so sorry if if it is, but just in case i thought i'd post this site:
  4. what does mincth mean?

    i just listened to it and i'm pretty sure its "minced meat". minced meat is like ground beef. but mentsh (pronounced "minch") is a yiddish word meaning "a good guy" as in "oh, that gary, he's such a mentsh!" so its not unlikely that regina would use it.
  5. just wondering is Regina in a relationship??

    reallyjustlittle, i also thought that for a while because of "summer in the city" but oh well, you never can tell really. its possible that she likes girls as well as boys. people always seem to think that its got to be one or the other, but that is not necessarily the case.
  6. Vegan Soup?

    ditto what everyone said about vegetable broth. almost any soup can be made vegan by just substituting. its not hard to find canned soups that are vegan friendly, you just have to read the labels carefully (sometimes they hide shit at the bottom of the list or call it something scientific sounding) and/or look in the healthfood section of the grocery store. Amy's has good chile and bakers has good french onion... the problem with that is canned soups are often quite bland, so it helps to have some spices on hand to flavor it up - thinks like basil, dill, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cumin, and those mixes like "joes stuff" or whatever.
  7. Lentil bean soup recipes anyone?

    they made some really good soup at my school the other day. they called it "4 grain soup" but actually there was only one grain - barley - and lentils, chickpeas, those little white kidney shaped beans, celery, carrots, onions and various spices... from what i could tell anyway. i wrote them a note saying they ought to call it "barley and lentil soup" instead. i guess that's not a recipe, but... if you like soup, those ingrediants make for good eatin'.
  8. Fiona Apple tour....

    hey, i just wanna start off by saying that i didn't read any of the posts in this thread, and i really shoulda cuz... well you'll see... ------ i'm a hugeass hardcore fiona apple fan and i was first turned onto regina through a recommendation from someone at a fiona forum i go to (have been going to forever. this bb has had many incarnations over the years and several of us members have been around since 'the begining' back in '99 or so). now half the bb is obsessed with regina as well. if you are a long-time fiona fan (or are a new fan but are really really into her) then you should join us over at p.s. previous post, who be you!!??? ^ p.p.s. jimmyvolt, are you referring to the official sony version with elizondo or the REAL version wit jon brion? cuz if you haven't heard JB's version then you haven't heard EM at all.
  9. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    hi everyone, i'm new! i've been a fan of regina's for over a year now but i never thought to seek out a regina forum since we talk about her constantly at the fiona apple bb i go to. heh. anyway, i dont' know shit about website making, but i want to help make a good one for regina. i have been saving every rare-ish pic i find and so i have little collection going that i'd love to share. just let me know if there's anything i can do to help! be it organizing pics or... well that's probably all i'm qualified to do. but whatever.