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  1. Just Like the Movies

    "Just Like the Movies" always sounded to me like it was influenced by the Swiss-born Jewish American composer Ernest Bloch. http://poserspace.com/rs/bloch.wmv
  2. San Diego Show

    I just got back from the San Diego show too and feel lucky to have seen and heard her at her best. I've seen a lot of YouTube videos and heard a lot of show tapes, but tonight she was so energized and loose that her voice was fuller and more mellifluous. House of Blues doesn't allow cameras, but every fifth person had a cell phone lifted above the heads to take mpeg videos. Her version of the posthumous Lennon song indeed outdid the Beatles'. She made it her own, adding different classical sounding inversions of the opening chords. Her crowd control technique for expressing disapproval at noisy yahoos at the lip of the stage was to suddenly turn to them and stare blankly, quite a stark contrast to the usual gracious smile. It always shut them up for at least another song. "The Wallet" had been a song I never listened to before, so it was a real treat to see one of the story songs done so well. Regina is such a gift of original talent and intelligence to the pop music world that her mere presence on the charts will probably force others to evolve further up from their cool and trendy depths.
  3. Regina on BBC-Radio 2 Tonight

    Here's an mp3 of the three songs she performed on Mark Radcliffe's show without the needledrops and commercials, and with edited DJ chatter. Right-click or Control-click to download: http://www.poserspace.com/rs/ReginaBBC2.mp3
  4. Regina Song Opinion Poll

    DOB: Dec. 31, 1951 Fan since: Nov. 2006 Male, straight Los Angeles I listen to Arvo Part, Blind Willie Johnson, Slapp Happy, Morricone, Martin Denny, The Fugs, Bach, Gesualdo, Carla Bley, Moondog, Prokofiev, oh-this is ridiculous Regina-meter: 10, of course A short list would be: 5- (the songs that are either crafted well or guilty pop pleasures) 20 Years of Snow (is it about Bjork?) Loveology (stunning - a tender dissection) Just Like the Movies (Satie meets Klezmer) Us (a teaming city-on-a-hill of a song) Better ("you're getting sadder, and I don't understand") Daniel Cowman ("the premature ejaculation of the death sentence") Ghost of Corporate Future (I like the rising modulation) Scarecrow and Fungus (feels like a beat poem) Somedays (the saddest song I've heard in ages) Bon Idee ("...and you will miss them oh so bad") December (what a bizarre melody!) 4 - (almost as listened to as the 5s) Après Moi A Canon Baby Jesus Consequence Of Sounds Düsseldorf Edit Fidelity The Flowers Sunshine Samson Reading Time With Pickle 3 - Still love 'em, though Bartender Braille Buildings Carbon Monoxide Hero of the Story Hotel Song Lacrimosa Love Affair Oedipus Music Box Ode to Divorce On the Radio Lounge Lullibye Your Honour 4 - Still better than most stuff from other people 2.99 Cent Blues Aching to Pupate Ave Maria BYOS Chemo Limo Field Below I Want to Sing Lady Mary Ann Paris Pavlov's Daughter Poor Little Rich Boy That Time Folding Chair 5 - I like her musical vision, no matter what song is manifesting it, but these I listen to the least The Soup Rejazz Summer in the City Hooker Prisoners Genius Flyin' Baobabs Aquarius
  5. "20 Years of Snow" tribute movie

    Yeah, I made it out of picture scraps cobbled together from the Internet.
  6. "20 Years of Snow" tribute movie

  7. http://www.shadowsandclouds.com/index.php/weblog/regina_spektor/
  8. Regina Demographics

    54-Her music is good enough to be generation-neutral.