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    Appt got a reaction from josefgabriel in Early fan Recordings   
    Aaah! I now what you mean now; ok I will fish around for that collection. I am pretty sure I have it somewhere on my hdd...check back tomorrow.
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    Appt reacted to robertaxel in Lana Del Rey.. a Regina fan!   
    from a Tumblr post:
    Lana Del Rey & Regina Spektor
    LDR talking about Regina Spektor, one of her favorite female singers:
    “I like REGINA SPEKTOR. You know when I was young my boyfriend in the city made my first record. His best friend Jack was Regina’s longtime boyfriend— they’re married now. She was such an inspiration. She was on the lower east side and going to the same open mics and then all of a sudden she had a record out and it did well. Eventually we met up and went to a show togetherand she was so nice. She’s very cool.”
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    Appt reacted to MusicLover_2007 in What are you listening to right now?   
    "Fight Like a Girl" - Emilie Autumn
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    Appt got a reaction from srg in Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"   
    Here are several photos and a cute story about how the songs came into being:
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    Appt got a reaction from himynameism in post your favorite photos of regina   
    A little article with gorgeous pictures:

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    Appt got a reaction from himynameism in post your favorite photos of regina   
    A little article with gorgeous pictures:

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    Appt got a reaction from RJLupin2 in Bugs & Issues   
    Hi, this is Appt in dire need of help....
    I have been trying to recover my account/get in touch with someone/create new account since the new site started and only now have I partially succeeded. The password recovery function does not recognize my old username. When I type in the email address used on Brumstix it tells me an email with instructions has been sent but it never comes (I've tried like 10 times already). The address is fully funtional and no spam filters are in place (I did receive the email about the initial move to the new place but nothing else since).
    I've tried getting in touch with somebody about this but the contact email which is given when you use the recover password function incorrectly (i.e. you type a wrong email or account name) is invalid: it is a "noreply" address which obviously does not work, please, please correct that because people have no way of contacting staff when they are unable to login.
    Then I tried setting up a temporary account here so I can write for help. I used a different ID, different password and a different email address. The activation email never came. I couldn't figure out what the issue was until I realized it has something to do with the domain...Both the email address on Brumstix and the other one I've tried are on a .cz domain. I don't know wheter this exclusion of non .com addresses is intentional (I hope not) but it is somehow in place. This temporary account was set up using gmail which finally worked.
    So, can somebody help me? I would like my old account back! Thank you.
    P.S. Big BIG HELLO to the (old)new community! I've missed you all.
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    Appt got a reaction from NeMeQuittePas<3 in Gaga and Spektor   
    To lighten up the mood a bit : I will be seeing Lady Gaga in November. I'm sooo excited!