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  1. music-lovers' soup

    i think im gonna try this one tonight!
  2. I bet this guy regrets it by now...

    i think people who dont appreciate regina just need to get laid.
  3. Where does Regina live?

    she lives in a little birdhouse in my backyard. and no you can't come see her!
  4. Music that makes you laugh hard

    quote: Originally posted by rejazzme: Simcoe Street Mob! a buncha dudes from Canada who rap about the most bizarrely amazing hilarious subjects. definitely something ridiculous to check out. hahaha holy crap you know them too? they are ridiculous. their new album needs to come out right now.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    "why don't you write me" - simon & garfunkel
  6. Concerts you've been to / Bands you've seen live

    oh boy. i'm gonna haveta leave out a lot of bands cause i've been to so many small hall shows over the eyars. but let's see what i can remember. in no order... the shins the go! team jimmy eat world the promise ring hot rod circuit maritime tegan & sara regina spektor thursday river city high 311 (whaaa?) bob dylan the raconteurs piebald alkaline trio shady view terrace ben kweller dashboard confessional the damned personals the goodwill counterfeit fairweather the suicide machines less than jake the minor dimension rainer maria the anniversary ozma weezer saves the day hey mercedes rilo kiley the blood brothers cake j. mascis dustin kensrue lucero eels limbeck cold war kids jebediah seafood rival schools hot water music the bouncing souls anti flag desaparecidos guster steel train cat power blackpool lights nightmare of you fionna apple joanna newsom the format and uh, i know im missing so many.
  7. what gigs have you been to/got lined up in 2007

    bein broke and in debt is gonna limit me to the free shows. but that does mean i get to see camera obscura, blonde redhead, i'm from barcelona, ted leo and the entire siren music festival!
  8. When is the next NYC show????

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: I grew up here Perks. Specifically Brooklyn. And that was way before the "renaissance" that's bringing a huge influx of people. There putting up new residential spaces quicker than they can tear down the old tenaments. There's been a big drop in the crime rate too making NYC one the safest cities in the world. You'd do fine in New York, you have moxy, that's the only prerequisite for living here. reg lives here, what more do you need? At minimum you should go by that "Sunscreen Song". Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft. no kidding about the new high risses and destruction of the old prewar buildings. it's also driving rent up at alarming rates all throughout the city. i'm so worried im going to be priced out of my building when it comes time to resign my lease in a few months. i really dont want to leave this neighborhood =(
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    tegan & sara - back in your head can't wait for this record!
  10. Regina Spektor Talks...

    wow what a great interview. she's someone i would love to spend a few hours at coffee shop chatting with about everything and anything.
  11. New music we should all hear

    quote: Originally posted by Becky Khvost: CocoRosie, Feist, Cat power, Sufjan Steevens... pretty good music!! Dunno the most of the others, but for those who know Cat Power surely also know Leerone? A good singer too! Hmmmm... I suppose most of you know Jason Webley? actually i don't know Leerone. what is the relation to Cat Power? I will have to check that out (<3 Cat Power btw).
  12. Rant about a band

    quote: Originally posted by Beechcraft Bonanza: Thanks! it's funny though, everyone says it sounds like Dylan but I actually tried to emulate Lou Reed But then... if you can find the acoustic demo version of Lou Reed's "hangin' round" (from "Transformer") he sounds like Dylan too! that he does! i love that version. there's a great acoustic version of Perfect Day as well.
  13. may i just say, i love soup

    quote: Originally posted by Eileen: simply wanted to add that i actually had a shrine to soup and regina SEPARATELY and screamed when i saw this forum. I'm so thrilled that there are others who share my love of soup...though i'm a bit of a traditionalist and my favorite kind is chicken noodle. im so happy there are more soup fans...and regina spektor is one of them! though i realize pickles are just pickles... while i've yet to ever have a penguin day, i hope that i do very soon. it sounds just a little bit like a great kinda day to have. perhaps while trying some of these soup recipes i will experience a true feeling of a penguin day?
  14. List your top 10 favorite female artists.

    in no order: Chan Marshall Patsy Cline Jenny Lewis Joni Mitchell Regina Spektor Keren Ann Mary Travers Sara Quinn Loretta Lynn Joanna Newsom and close to the top ten: The Dansettes, check these ladies out, quite excellent.
  15. Regina's demo songs

    yea i'd adore that as well =) i only have a few of these, and I'm really intrigued byt teh song called "Rockland County", I'm quite familiar with that area and wonder what the connection is.