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  1. missing soup...

    quote: Originally posted by Celfri: LoL, well, I’ll most probably never be able to reach you, but who knows if our roads should meet someday, or better yet, your eyes should reach this message, but anyways, I just wanted to wish you good luck on all your shows that you have left and all the work that has been set before you. I’m sure that writing an album while touring as you have national television appearances and having to deal with fans like me is not a very easy job, but to make things a little better (hopefully) I wanted to say thank you, for making your music and breathing (or exhaling) life into such a recently monotonous industry. I’ve been listening to you for a while now, and I can’t remember a day that you and your songs weren’t in my head. Well, this is getting too long, and I wanna wrap this up, so HAPPY Passover and many hugs and kisses. That's really cute, but what does it have to do with carrot beet soup?
  2. This is probably a very stupid question...

    I'm a green tea kind of guy myself. Sometimes i'll add a combination of mint, sage, and honey. It takes a bit of getting used to but i'm hooked on it, now. As for chai, i couldn't really get into it until i started drinking it cold with milk.