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  1. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    Good news: It was a tiny bit windy, but it didn't really rain just a slight drizzle every now and then.
  2. photos of ourselves !

    living in our pre-war apartment i ♥ these people. i'm the pretty one.
  3. Gaga and Spektor

    quote: Apples and Oranges to me. A genius and a flavor of the day How can you label Regina as a flavour of the day? That's just mean. Anyway, I think they are both very good and talented, and were both treading similar steps, but at some point there was a fork in the road, and one used it to eat her food, while the other ate with her bare hands. That's all there is to it.

    last time, he pretended to be all nice in the beginning too, pretending to want to talk about regina and tori, which WE ALL fell for. it wasn't long before he started attacking anyone with opinions different from his. and attacking people whose opinions happened to say that they liked regina. "Do you really think Regina will ever be nominated for Grammies and awards like Tori? NOPE." Sound familiar? Edit: Oh look, i logged in, and my account still blocks his posts from view. How convenient
  5. Recommend a book here...

    Twilight, absolutely. http://img.photobucket.com/alb...hilario/twilight.gif
  6. making of regina and me

    if this was facebook, i would click the "super like" button! GREAT picture, friend! PS - how did you manage to catch her during daylight?! edit: i just now saw this post, so i will catch up. my absence has made me retarded. If anyone's offended by that word, say to yourself that i am using the french version of the word.
  7. Twists of Fate/Strange Happenings/Odd Coincidences.

    i always knew there was something special about people sharing umbrellas!
  8. Twists of Fate/Strange Happenings/Odd Coincidences.

    quote: eats beats said: Hey! That's me! <3 of course it's you! our Grade A loins were officially removed from the meat market that day. okay, maybe i'm not quite near as grade A as you (and people said i didn't know how to flirt...) quote: reginaoverdose said: This still makes me SO happy. And just to know it could happen If I got to choose where to meet my soulmate I would choose a reg show! and suddenly all the single guys line up for the asheville show as if it were a beyonce concert.
  9. Twists of Fate/Strange Happenings/Odd Coincidences.

    I went to McCarren to see Regina. Which I did. But, I didnt expect to meet my soulmate. Which I did. the end.
  10. Moderators?

    My post was deleted, from "Does Regina Do Drugs" i simply said "has anyone thought about brewing weed and drinking it like a tea?" Are you out there? Moderators? Secret ones? Secret moderators deleting posts? also, "kandi is the fuckin bomb. and she's bigger than you."
  11. Brumstix Resignation Thread

    eats beats and i resigned a long time ago, i just had to post my two-cents about the demo tape issue. but she still reads and relays information to me. we still care about you. we can be found on facebook.
  12. 1999 demo tape

    quote: Originally posted by Brenna!: I just think it's disgusting how a select 15-20 members were chosen to be part of this little club. And the way it was done? With George being consulted on who was trustworthy? So f'ing tacky. Really hurtful, too, which is stupid, because it's just an online forum. I agree completely, hence my confession.
  13. 1999 demo tape

    http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...=268102631#268102631 I was informed about this whole drama ordeal, and then also about this post, and then I thought "Good idea." So yes, I, too, was one of the ones who secretly received the almost two years ago. about 15 or 20 of us received the songs, though let me reitirate the fact that Peter Pan WAS NOT being elitest nor was he being selfish, he was simply wanting to share the songs WITHOUT disrespecting Regina. He asked Andreseng who on the Stix he would be able to trust to share the songs with, trust enough to not mass-upload. At the time it seemed all friendly enough, but being updated and reading back on the discussions today, it's disappointing how some of us who received the songs are acting patronizing and innocent, saying Regina doesn't want these songs to be heard, and yet they've had the files safely on their computer the last two years. I'll admit to having shared the songs with three people over the last two years, after which I got "scolded" by someone in the group for doing so. This person only knew about me sharing because they had offered the songs to someone I had already shared the songs with. So obviously, I wasn't the only one who was sharing. It made me feel that what was originally a friendly little group, had evolved into more elitist, which I'm ashamed to say. In truth, I felt guilty this whole time, because none of us deserved anything to receive the songs back then. We simply had been active on the Stix that Summer, and "deemed worthy" to receive the songs. What about all the active and contributing or new people showing up on the stix since then? Like Rosa saying she had no idea they were being shared on the Stix at all, and she's been on longer than I have. So while I don't fully agree with uploading the songs to the masses, I, too, approve of Holdonyourhonour's post and actions in wanting to share with her friends. ~rawin

    quote: for you, mod. (jodi wasn't fast enough.) *ahem* *clears throat* That's what she said.
  15. Shepherd's Bush Empire 04/02/06

    haha that would be JC or SRG or Eshbach (as far as active members go). I just broadcasted one of the reruns, that's all frozen? i guess try downloading it again? it's uploaded, and after that, i can't really do anything else haha. Unless it freezes on 32% for everyone, then something must have gone wrong with my upload
  16. Shepherd's Bush Empire 04/02/06

  17. Shepherd's Bush Empire 04/02/06

    at this rate, it'll be faster to drive up to NC and deliver the ice cream to you and every other stixer in the Eastern states. Also, have a cup of coffee, sweetened a little bit, and top with a medium/large scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's a taste of heaven. Or nirvana. Whatever. I wonder if filesavr always takes this long. Status:55% 75% 85%
  18. Shepherd's Bush Empire 04/02/06

    oooh! If i could, I'd upload some ice cream for you as well! edit: by the way, it's currently at 50% upload. (the music, not the ice cream)
  19. Shepherd's Bush Empire 04/02/06

    haha that's not the popular opinion around here, but thanks
  20. Shepherd's Bush Empire 04/02/06

    According to johnnyC, if it's not accessed after a period of time, it goes inactive. I'm currently uploading it now. I'll post the link as soon as it's done.
  21. Shepherd's Bush Empire 04/02/06

    I'll try and get on it tonight.

    quote: *ahem* excuse me, but IIIIIII was the first one to send a clear message to the mod about my love for him. AND it is in MY thread that the mod responded. so THERE! Excuse me, but... http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...?r=34610891#34610891 AND it was because of my plea that you weren't banned

    i don't know about internet explorer, but if you add that link in Firefox as a bookmark, it will add as a Live Bookmark, and it will act as a sort of "real-time" bookmark. If it's on the bookmark toolbar, just click on it, and a dropdown menu will list the recent forums that have recent posts in them. It's mostly better for blogs, so you see when there are new blog entries. I hadn't really thought about its usefulness on a message forum.
  24. A follows it up with a TED Conference blog post: http://blogs.myspace.com/index...484&blogId=477137543