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  1. Wee Rants

    what about the fetus?
  2. Bulletin Posts

    why has cheyenne decided to begin randomly posting random song lyrics on my facebook? i understand like a rolling stone, but since when was i a sting/police fan...?
  3. Moderators?

    what's the other vice?
  4. Moderators?

    holy fucker's fuck! mod's not online anymore! TEACHER'S gone. FREE-DAY!
  5. Moderators?

    can we swear now since i just *gasp* triple posted?
  6. Moderators?

    that was
  7. Moderators?

    aw crap, that wasn't a double post
  8. Moderators?

    also, hahaha, i'll remember that in front of st peter too. thanks. and CUTE! PS - i wonder if DOUBLE POSTING is also going to be illegal now
  9. Moderators?

    Not that this needs to be posted, because you could see it yourself, but "Mod" posted in the lyrics thread, saying simply "Data Restore" What does this all mean?! It's like an exciting new mystery, at the same time we're all worried about sudden changes that we won't know anything about.
  10. Moderators?

    well, no one had anything against Tori, there are quite a few Tori fans here. The issue was that he began insulting practically everyone
  11. Moderators?

    *finger/nose* not it (this could take a while)
  12. Moderators?

    yeup, exactly, that's why i said "secret moderators." someone moved those threads into the new forum, which is usually a power that a moderator can do, and yet we saw no moderators, no active member's name changed to a different colour indicating the moderator status, etc etc.
  13. This or That

    ha. who won this time? ... twice.
  14. Moderators?

    My post was deleted, from "Does Regina Do Drugs" i simply said "has anyone thought about brewing weed and drinking it like a tea?" Are you out there? Moderators? Secret ones? Secret moderators deleting posts? also, "kandi is the fuckin bomb. and she's bigger than you."
  15. when the fuck did this happen?

    well, i agree with Kandi. If there was a stikcy thread saying "Introduce Yourself Here" then all introductions would be done on that one single thread (you would think...), instead of a zillion threads popping up in Upon A New Year and Other saying "I'm new here!" If it was stikcyed at the top of the page, then it'd be one of the first things new people should see, and there's no excuse for not seeing it. Unless you're Regina, because then you deserve your own special introduction. I also request a single thread for all marriage proposals and love songs to regina.
  16. Bowery Ballroom Jan 22 2009

    i just had to bump this, because i was getting nostalgic. she played ne me quitte pas! it was a good night
  17. Hello everybody!

    hola! and welcome. actually your english seems perfect. Even Cynthia complained about her crappy English, and hers was perfect as well.
  18. This or That

    purple! (thanks for choosing me) who's cooler? rawin or jodi?
  19. This or That

    i know i know. technically, i was probably done first, my computer's just slow. Anyway, it was edited
  20. This or That

    fruits! tomayto or tomahto? edit: Dammit you suck. WHITE. tomayto or tomahto?
  21. Wow i missed a lot of Bdays! Happy Belated Ones To Jeremy, Greg, and Ezra Pound! And Casey, i already covered yours back in January Cheyenne, i already told you happy bday too. Stop being greedy Just kidding. Happy Days to everyone!
  22. Go Jeff Go!

    Taylor! hehe, did you know that last Summer (i think), a bunch of us on facebook knew that you were on the stix but had no idea what screenname you went with...? haha. i confess, that up until you posted this thread, i assumed "ghost of corporate future" was one of the katies in chicago. but i guess that would be catcher in the rye? and k8e? uh. i don't know lol.
  23. My favourite Celt: Lisa Hannigan!

    haha that would be amazing. it's be even more amazing if someone would re-do Sarah MchLachlan's Litlith Fair from the late 90s (anyone else remember that? Besides George, i mean). Re-done with people like Lisa, Regina, Jaymay, T&S, AFP, etc...

    i wonder if amanda palmer is taking her to a strip club
  25. drugs:: does Regina do them?

    haha well, if you'll notice, i didn't give my opinion one way ot the other. not trying to argue, just adding my own observations of friends who were once-motivated and successful individuals. not blaming it all on smoking, lots of factors play into a person's health/unhealth, mental/physical. And duuude... LAY OF MY CAFFEINE!