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  1. Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

    Is it Stephano?
  2. quote: georgie says: I chuckled the first time you asked reg... i almost had her!
  3. i always hear Down in Bowery... it's always been really clear to me
  4. Regina playing planned parenthood benefit

    can't we all just get along?
  5. what is the meaning of the Universe?
  6. what's your favourite song on the upcoming album so far...?
  7. This or That

    quote: nobody forgot about you wonderbread, calm down. hahaha
  8. Amanda Palmer Solo Show Cover

    i absolutely loved that and i have a hat like hers... edit: may i also recommend the elvis perkins chapter, even though it sounds just like his song "While You Were Sleeping" (beware non-fans of harmonica/guitar)
  9. Amanda Palmer Solo Show Cover

    I don't get what the big deal is. i think the only time women are require to shave is when men are required to shave too. though really, why the requirements? just live and let live... quote: 1. Me likey grilled cheese moi aussi. it's scary, really. i went two weeks without it, and i came home and it's practically all i've been eating
  10. Wee Rants

    each time i go is always memorable. but nothing compares to this last time. it was just like the movies. only better.
  11. Wee Rants

    been really good! i just got back from NYC
  12. This or That

    uh... yeah. hmm. i did that on purpose, to see if you guys were paying attention
  13. This or That

    quote: even though she was the only one who couldn't sing. love her. what do you mean? she was the rapper! by far the coolest. "i seen a rainbow yesterday..." quote: Um, rawin is not coloring inside the lines again.... i don't get it, what'd i do wrong? Pen! (pencils are cool too, but i love those gel pens) my little pony or care bears?
  14. Wee Rants

    hey alicia! haven't heard from you in a while! hope you've been well!
  15. Wee Rants

    oh my god. what happened!?
  16. Bulletin Posts

    hey! how was nyc for you?
  17. photos of ourselves !

    Kandi, that's a cute picture! This is very important: PLEASE tell me that you aren't a Red Wings fan...
  18. This or That

    definitely tea over war any day. chamomile mint is my new favourite red or blue?
  19. Bulletin Posts

    quote: i lost so fucking hard to this game yesterday thanks, now i just lost...
  20. Bowery Ballroom Jan 22 2009

    Pan the Man, it was so good to see you speak with her! srg and g, i had a funny moment during the show when i thought to myself "wow, i wonder what the cutoff is for the number of times you've seen her that I should start being tall and giving up my spot in front the stage..." Though the truth is, I'd give up my spot for my friends here. Nerd, i saw you getting your camera out while we were waiting after the show, I'm sorry you didn't get a new picture with her. Ee Bee, I'm glad you had your moment with her before she left! and it was definitely fun meeting and remeeting stixers again!
  21. Bowery Ballroom Jan 22 2009

    i haven't really been able to post much till today, and i know it's a little old news, but can i just say that as much as i loved the AMAZING beatboxed Dance Anthem at McCarren, it was great hearing the "classic" version live. It's always touched me and it wasn't such a lonely song this time. Much better than through earphones too
  22. This or That

    naive curly fries or regular?
  23. photos of ourselves !

  24. Wee Rants

    you better
  25. Wee Rants

    because rawin's back