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  1. We Have A Brümstix Wedding!!

    quote: i don't think there are words for her talent. a picture, maybe
  2. Good News Thread!

    Mr T... you got a small? You must be really tiny! Kandi and Katy... that's so sweetly cool... I'm jealous. If I started crying for Regina stuff I'd probably just get slapped on the back of my head. By anyone. "Grow up... you're 26... and you're a dude..." Alright, good news: after work on Thursday night, I will officially be off until Monday... my first three-day weekend in a loooooooooooooooooooooong time.
  3. We Have A Brümstix Wedding!!

    Yeah, but that's why you hit him from a distance when he isn't expecting it, like when you are greeting the guests (long before the cutting of the cake)... that way he can't get you back right away. You would have had plenty of time to run in to the women's room and proclaim "SANCTUARY!!!!"
  4. brains, beauty, or talent

  5. We Have A Brümstix Wedding!!

    yay! such BEAUTIFUL images! did ya smear cake on his face?!
  6. Good News Thread!

    Kandi, it's true. I'm the fourth person to confirm it. (At the same ATL show!) I bought the large women's size (as I always do) and while it fits me perfectly, my head is starting to grow exceptionally large. And there isn't anything on the back of the shirt, but the skin on my back now says "4-Life Yo" in large black print. I don't know how it got there. The curse is the only explanation. But it's SOOOO worth it just to have the Regina Chair shirt
  7. brains, beauty, or talent

    quote: All I have to say about "talent" and genetics is that noone, and I mean noone, in my family does anything with art AT ALL. (yet oddly even as a child I always said I wanted to be an artist, that perplexes me considering my doodles were never any better than anyone else's) quote: Well there is random mutation between generations. Your random mutations (cumulatively) happened to facilitate your artistic development. Me too... I'm the only musician in mine, even out of the extended family (aunts, cousins, etc.), and for as many generations back as i can think of, no one else was a musician or anything in the creative arts. So, am I a mutant too?
  8. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: Rawin- veggie = vegetarian. haha yeah I knew what he meant. I figured this thread was already a bit "off" anyway, starting with the original sapphic/sandwich posts, i figured i'd toss in my own brand of stupidity but thanks for looking out!
  9. brains, beauty, or talent

    quote: well... nothing could turn me into an athlete! Seriously... someone shoot me if I ever look at my two kids in the eyes (one of whom is adopted) and say: "There have been no scientific geniuses in our blood, no great political leaders, no great writers... so neither of you should reach for those kinds of goals because it's not in your blood or genetic capacity to be outstanding at it, only mediocre. Now, my grandfather was a barber in the Navy for 30 years... have you ever considered becoming hairstylists?"
  10. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    Oh my gosh. ... Now Larry shows up. Alright... let's see if this next one works... IS THERE A MAGIC GENIE AROUND THAT CAN MAKE US RICH? or better yet... I WONDER WHEN REGINA IS GOING TO SHOW UP...
  11. brains, beauty, or talent

    I know I'm gonna take some friendly fire again but I still hold to my understanding that you can't be born with brains or talent. You can't be a natural at hockey, or a natural artist, other than figuratively speaking, in which case it is simply a compliment stating how awesome someone is. We have to learn and train how to be an athlete or artist, etc etc. There can be a family of musicians, but not because they were born that way, but it could simply he because the child saw her parents play all her life, and they taught her to play, and so she wants to do that too, or it could be because it is what's expected of the child. If the child were adopted by a family of atheletes, the child could just as easily train to be an athlete as they could train to be a musician. And the mind, like the rest of the body, can be taught and trained to think, and solve problems and learn stuff. That's why we have to learn launguage, and music... we learn that which we are exposed to. (That's why we want to branch out, and learn new things, experience new things). You can't stick a baby in a den of wolves and expect it to "naturally" speak English, or be musically or artistically "inclined." I think the reason people are smarter than others is simply because of the way they've spent their time, and how they've disciplined themselves. Our environment and the people around us also affect us. That said, while the way you look is the most qualified to be "naturally" acquired, as in facial features, skin tone, bone structure... it can still be affected by the way we eat and sleep and how we take care of ourselves. Stress, happiness, sleep (or lack of), exercise (or lack of) affect our bodies. I'll pick none... I think everyone's beautiful anyway, because it really is subjective and relative. Even if I don't think someone is attractive (which is different from beautiful or pretty), someone else will think they're gorgeous. Like I think Scarlett Johansson is something of a goddess, but someone once told me "she doesn't do anything for me, and her face is too chubby..." I was like "wtf? Whatever dude..."
  12. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: I'm not a veggie, myself, but because there are some here... Wait... first, we discover that Regina may be a sandwich... and now you're telling me that there are some "people" here who are actual walking, talking, vegetables? Like, VeggieTales? @ HILARY - I'll be there only if you promise not cheat on me again... And hurray for Joel McHale! The soup... the soup... the soup the soup thesoupthesoupthesoupthesoup...
  13. Songs that never get old

    quote: Nope. He/she lives in "the place were spanish-speakers love regina spektor" and I live in New York. It's quite simple, actually. haha, I think what Andreseng meant was that it could get a bit confusing with two "incurable humanists" aboard, even though yours has no space in-between the words. Then having to look at the locations will take some work trying to remember which personality belongs with the name and with which location. Also, I'm sure he's not being entirely serious
  14. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    This is making me hungry. Even with the sexual undertones of the meatiness of the last couple of pages, that Casino Tony hot dog looks really good. And I don't eat hot dogs. I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!!!
  15. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    crystal clear... At first i thought he was doing it to himself as a joke. I was like, "hey, it's actually a lighthearted thread for once, he's even making fun of himself..." Hence my Two Towers/Gollum comment... So tell me, Loser... are you Hilary?!?!?
  16. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    wait... am I missing something? Loser and Lover are the same person... right? I thought he just started this thread as a joke in order to contradict himself.. but from people's responses... it seems like you guys think that someone else created Loser in order to seriously mock the original MusicLover_2007... so what's really going on? Or is this gonna be one of those mysteries of the world, like which Stixer created Hilary Duff? Am I the only one confused? Yeah that sounds about right...
  17. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: what the frack is that andreseng?!! "So say we all"
  18. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    Spektor? Or Phalange? Coincidentally, Joey loves sandwiches. So he probably loves Regina too. But most likely Phalange. Not Spektor. blargenshire. my body won't listen anymore. It insists on sleeping... Good night If I see you again, I'll do my best to recognize you no matter what colour you're wearing. (part of me still wonders* why I didn't recognize you, yet still knew your name. go figure. If I win, you owe me a coffee!) *edit
  19. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    coincidentally, Barney loves sandwiches even more
  20. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    i wear a lot of blue but my favourite is purple. coincidentally, I hate Barney
  21. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    and it really was blue at the coffeshop!
  22. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    yay, I'm glad you're talking to me again *tosses the popcorn over* oops
  23. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    lol this is a bit like watching LOTR The Two Towers...
  24. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: Rawin, just in case you really are frustrated and not just pretending to be, I was just kidding with you. I knew what you meant, and I'd think it'd be fair to say George was too. ha, you're so sweet. But yeah. we're talking about sandwiches and cheese and breasts in a thread about Regina being a sapphist... I assure you all's well By the way, I had a dream about you last night! I was at a coffee house and you came up to me and said "hey" and my response was "I'm sorry, but I don't recognize without your red coat, Katy, so who are you?" And you got offended that I didn't recognize you. And you sat with me the whole rest of the night while giving me the silent treatment for not recognizing you... even though I called you by your name. Freaeaeaky.
  25. Bulletin Posts

    Are You Afraid Of The Dark scared me too! And I remember loving Hey Dude! I was so sad when they sent Ted to Summer school He was so COOL