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  1. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: so i guess if wont hurt you, but im possitive my mom has sad that children loose an enzyme to digest human milk at 7 or so. (double post, I know) I've "sampled" my kids milk many times when they were babies. It's actually really sweet. I don't think it harmed me, other than maybe possibly affecting my ability to communicate clearly on message boards.
  2. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: There he goes editing again and still can't get it right. You gotta watch this guy. I'm telling you. Rawin, cheese making 101: breasts = milk = cheese How you're going to make Summertime fit in there is beyond me....... Man... you guys are missing my point entirely. Why can't I be understood? It's not like I'm from Alabama (cheap shot I know). Anyway... one more time... with feeling... George tried to correct me, and said "that would be cleavage, not cheesage." And I'm saying it's all the same thing. That's why I used the = sign. and not an arrow --> which would have signified byproducts, which is what you guys seem to think I was trying to get across... which isn't the case. I was saying "synonymous." Cheese. Milk. Breasts. Same thing. Same difference. And Summertime fits in there perfectly because Summer in the city means cleavage... and cleavage means breasts. LOL I don't know why this went on an on. If a joke has to be explained so many times, it's not longer a joke, but a lecture. Whew. Next week's lesson: The Importance of Washing Your Hands if You Serve Cheese/Milk/Breasts/Summertime While Working in Food Service.
  3. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: Rawin, I have to know, why does cheese=breasts? LOL alright. I'm assuming you've read that I was responding to George's comment ("No, that's cleavage, not cheesage...") and I wasn't stating that I think of breasts every time I think of cheese... Then I said "same difference." Now lemme rearrange my words a bit: cheese = milk = breasts/cleavage = Summertime i don't know. it was funnier in my head at the moment. now my head just hurts
  4. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    you got me beat, I'm only an "honourary" (sp?) lesbian.
  5. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    Is it just me, or have ya developed a sort of Southern accent in your posts lately? quote: i didnt know she had a large lez following... I don't know if it's large... but at Bonnaroo last year one fan called out "PLEASE be a lesbian!"
  6. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: Is that really Hilary Duff? Well yes, yes it is. She's been trying to hook up with me since last Summer. All her previous posts were for me and me alone, and now she comes out and posts a reply to sandwiches... that two-timing whor... er... you know. quote: No, that's cleavage, not cheesage... Same difference: milk = cheese = breasts = Summertime
  7. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    quote: wtf... I know, right? not only is Hil cheating on me, she's cheating on me with with Reg! I'm getting cheated on with the two birds with one stone thing. Sapphists these days And yeah, the grilled cheese, definitely not just any cheese. And also, specially-made bread, with m&ms... and cooked with butter churned from milk direct form the cow. But in the middle of the night, she does indulge in the regular old grilled cheese made with sliced American cheese and white sliced bread and prepackaged butter. It's a guilty pleasure, but she can't eat it everyday. It reminds her of Summer in the city.
  8. Is Regina a Sapphist?

    it's like some alternate Universe... I personally think she'd be grilled cheese sandwich if she could choose.
  9. Bulletin Posts

    haha yeah i totally noticed that
  10. Bulletin Posts

    haha, nah. not at all. okay, maybe a little i just meant that i used to never hear about 2012 except from current generation hippies
  11. Bulletin Posts

    quote: adoration in bulletin form... what is it exactly that makes French teachers some of the coolest (and favouritest) teachers ever?
  12. Bulletin Posts

    hi. *cough*i did too*cough* ahem.
  13. Bulletin Posts

    quote: I'm on a Greek and Roman mythology kick at the moment. I like mythology... my kids are named Phoenix and Soleille
  14. Bulletin Posts

    I LOVE captalizing names that no one else does, giving things back their dignity Like the yellow Sun. It's the name of the star, but did ya notice how it's always referred to as "the sun," like "the moon" which really should be the Moon.
  15. Bulletin Posts

    yeah i suppose so I like how you also cspitalize the seasons. My teacher tried to correct me, I never did listen.
  16. Bulletin Posts

    and what time of year is that exactly? Other than Spring?
  17. What are you listening to right now?

    An album called "Sleep With Heat" by Lovers. I'm on the first song, "Perpetual Motion, Perpetual Sound" and from the VERY first note, I was like "wow..." My friend send the album to me two months ago, and I FORGOT ABOUT it until two minutes ago... I regret taking this long to hear it.
  18. Bulletin Posts

    dammit! ... what's wrong with me? i've been listening to that in my car non-stop the last week or so. So what's wrong with me? Katy, you can start us off if you wish.
  19. Bulletin Posts

    wow i never knew that. Well, i always knew i was crazy anyway, but never knew the official definition (btw the line was actually from an old matchbox twenty song)
  20. Bulletin Posts

    Set yourself, situate, and like a fool try again...
  21. Let's go to the Movies...

    haha Rome is totally on my list of dvds to buy. I just went through three seasons of dvds of Battlestar Galactica. It's one of the best dramas ever. I'm not a big sci-fi fan, but I'm totally obsessed with two that fall within the genre... Firefly/Serenity and Battlestar Galactica. Note that there aren't any aliens and creatures in either of these.
  22. Bulletin Posts

    yeah, i suppose maybe a certain boy has kept ya busy
  23. Bulletin Posts

    wow, i never even saw it that way. it's been one of my favourite and most comfortable shirts, and that was the reason on the outside. but i guess you "peeled the onion" and found the truth of it all WOW... I should have given her that shirt. maybe next time
  24. Bulletin Posts

    gosh i love Audrey. she and Regina are "wallpaper" in my bedroom
  25. Way to F*ing Go Atlanta !!

    yup no problem. i told ya i would that's too bad your daughter couldn't be there herself.