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  1. This or That

    it's like asking which leg do i like best, the left or the right! they each have their perks. milk chocolate and peanut butter. swiss dark chocolate. Can i be difficult and go with WHITE CHOCOLATE!? peanut butter sandwich, or peanut butter fingers?
  2. Bulletin Posts

    It's been the most amazing and sweetest two and a half weeks.
  3. Bulletin Posts

    Yes, Nat, we'd all love to see this.
  4. Wee Rants

    i'll be lonely tonight ah well.
  5. Bulletin Posts

    quote: I thought you said you were going. haha yeah. i am. i was just messin' with someone's head. Ee Bee got me a ticket a couple of months ago
  6. Bulletin Posts

    quote: i didn't know he was staying for the show, haha, awesome. I'm staying in NY, yeah... but the show? Poor Jasmine, she's been messaging me the last couple of months trying to convince me to splurge on the ebay tickets.
  7. Bulletin Posts

    today = best day ever
  8. Stand with Israel!!!!

    MusicLover, I wonder if YOU'RE really Regina spying on us all along.
  9. yeah happy early birthday!
  10. Regina Spektor Trivia

    Okay, what the fuck. I saw Brenna's post and I saw her comment on "rawin's scores." I had NEVER taken the quiz till just now and I got a 90. Who's been impersonating me and giving me low scores? I mean, a 10? What is that about? Ay. Lame. Seriously though, fess up!
  11. Good News Thread!

    wait, reg did it for sara quin!?
  12. Good News Thread!

    spill it!
  13. Good News Thread!

    eh, that's just for show and for proceedure. Once you get into the grind of it, you'll notice that no one does it. Seriously, just wearing the uniforms automatically make you clean hehe
  14. Bulletin Posts

    her name was lola she was a showgirl...
  15. Bulletin Posts

    i want purple hair
  16. Bulletin Posts

    He's obsessed. Plus, there's always room for brownies
  17. Bowery Ballroom Jan 22 2009

    typically, yes she does! This one may be different though. It's smaller than she's been doing the last couple of years. What if she hangs out inside at the bar!? haha.
  18. photos of ourselves !

    i only watch youtube vids with a score of 20 or higher, sorry
  19. Bulletin Posts

    uh... yum... i love brownies. *hint hint* I've never had special ones though.
  20. photos of ourselves !

    Oh i forgot to watch Weeds. I've only seen bits every now and then. And, Jodi, this modeling gig that you had, what did it entail?
  21. photos of ourselves !

    HAHAHAHA no you don't! Is there such a thing as foot porn?
  22. Bulletin Posts

    haha yes, stoned!!! either way works. What about brownies? who's got access? Who edited their post?
  23. Six Thoughts...

    1. AH i love the beach. 2. At least, the first half. 3. When he started going nuts thinking he was in a video game, it was hard to take seriously 4. CHOCOLATE 5. WHITE CHOCOLATE 6. drool
  24. Bulletin Posts

    you guys are right, George is a lot more intense than usual haha
  25. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Why would I do that when he gave you link in his post? dork, the link was posted as i was writing my post