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  1. Interviews & Appearences 2009

    Hi everybody. I don't know if it's already been posted, but I found this interview from the day she played Hultsfred in Sweden, July 9th if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Regina playing in Sweden July 9 2009!

    !!!, this is the best news in a long long time. nothing's been able to wipe the smile off of my face for these last couple of days.
  3. Bulletin Posts

    wow, it seems like ive missed quite a bit during these last couple of months when my computer wasnt working! im feeling lonely too. some of my best friends has left the country. for 4 months!!! bits- are you back in the uk or still oin cyprus?
  4. American Idol

    jag funderade lite innnan jag skrev "man" för jag läste just igenom language nerd-tråden och såg vad ni pratat om där, men haha, jag var osäker på om man säger landskvinna.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    when you were young - the killers
  6. American Idol

    sure i do! haha, i was so surprised to se his name mentioned in a regina spektor forum ^^ alltid trevligt att hitta en landsman, men hur har det undgått mig att det finns fler svenskar här? jag bor långt upp i norr. du då?
  7. American Idol

    quote: Originally posted by Yaya: quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: quote: Originally posted by Yaya: i like to watch it in the beginning when they're being mean to people. im a bad person. I concur. But I get equal pleasure out of seeing people who are awful being really shocked when they're told they suck. haha, indeed! there was a guy on swedish idol who was all like, "fine, i'll just send a demo to bert karlsson! he knows talent when he sees it." (bert karlsson is a famous swedish "managaer" /"music producer" for those really boyband-like artists) haha, i love the auditions but i cant remember if ive seen that one. how do you know this? are you swedish too?
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    to be gone - anna ternheim

    happy happy birthday!
  10. Name That reg Tune

    dance anthem of the 80s "such a mess"
  11. We Have A Brümstix Wedding!!

    pictures, yes. so do i! congratulations and best wishes jodi!!!
  12. r e g i n a - - a n a g r a m s

    hahaha, wow. i dont know if i ever read your answers. that must have been one of my first posts because if i havent read it i cant have found my way back to the thread, ha. tho i did know it was an old one even back then
  13. a capella jess....

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: I like it. If only I knew what you were saying..... yeah, me too! if only we knew what you were saying...... ^^

    thank you! and yes, it was a good one.. still is actually, for about 50 more minutes over here. thanks again you guys.
  15. Regina Demographics

    and ill be 20 in 10 days. woha! (i think i might have posted here before..)