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  1. Any good new female vocalists?

    quote: Originally posted by mooebon: quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: Laura Marling. <3 I love Laura Marling. Have seen her twice!! What a voice ... sure seen here once too. ( btw, she's been nominated twice in a row to Mercury Prize, not bad ). If you like her, then check Christina Antipa ( ); she has very cousin tones of vocals on some songs - it may be more obvious on her last album than on the player- , softer than Laura perhaps. But that really striked me, as if they would be sisters, even if really distinctive voices. About relatively unknwon very good singer /songwriter /vocalist you should have a listening to Lissie if you don't know her. And to Erin Austin from Ok Sweetheart( Probably none of Brumstixers knows her. But you should.
  2. Announcement about DVD :)

    BTW Emelie, what about another Regina cover ? If one can (and must ) perform one, you are this one. Please then ravish our ears with a new cover, or an original song of yours !
  3. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: OoooOOOooooOOhh!! Excitement! This will be awesome! Just a tiny question. You guys do think that I will be able to order this from Sweden right? Since it was taped in London and all..? Europe... Right before I read this I tried to order the California EP from the Warner Bros site but it wouldn't let me. Am I worried for no reason? Warner Bross website doesn't allow purchases for people leaving outside from the US, i had tried to buy it there, before getting it on Ebay. The concert will probably be available everywhere online anyway. For the EPs ( California, Bull Moose), see amazon or ebay.
  4. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by Roth Welles: it's probably the show played on the 4th of December 2009. [...] I had totally forgotten that we were already aware when the concert was released, that it had been filmed. The cover is probably the front cover of the dvd/ blue-ray It wouldn't be surprising for me (even if we can easily find much more nice picture of her). Think sobriety, and why (...).
  5. Announcement about DVD :)

    it's probably the show played on the 4th of December 2009. But the track listing order of the DVD / Blueray is then different from the setlist that was played ? Weird (real) setlist: 01. The Calculation 02. Eet 03. Folding Chair 04. Ode To Divorce 05. Machine 06. Laughing With 07. One More Time With Feeling 08. Two Birds 09. Blue Lips 10. On The Radio 11. Sailor Song 12. The Call 13. Dance Anthem Of The 80s 14. Silly Eye Color Generalizations 15. Bobbing For Apples 16. That Time 17. Apres Moi 18. Human Of The Year 19. Wallet 20. The Sword And The Pen 21. Man Of A Thousand Faces 22. Samson (take 1) 23. Samson (take 2) 24. Us 25. Fidelity 26. Hotel Song 27. Love, You're A Whore
  6. Your Regina Collection!

    quote: Your Regina Collection! cds: Songs Soviet Kitsch (cd + dvd) The Survival Guide of Soviet Kitsch (scrapbook - cd +dvd) Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers Begin to Hope (2 cds) Far (2 cds) Live at Bull Moose EP Live in California EP Laughing With EP Your Honor and The Flowers Us promo (Us, Scarecrow, December) Begin to Hope - Side 1 ( 6 tracks) Begin to Hope promo ( 6 tracks cd + dvd EPK) Fidelity presskit (cd + dvd) Fidelity promo Samson promo Better (Radio Recut)promo Laughin With promo Eet promo Make Some Noise (2cds - including Real Love) Reptilia (Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men) The Crimea (White Russian Galaxy) edit: i will eventually edit this in the future
  7. Nicole Atkins! I’m not asking, I’m telling you...

    a digital benefit compilation for the New Orleans is out today ( itunes, amazon, emuisic etc, check Nicole myspace blog or her own blog, to get more informations). Nicole has 1 song on it and is featured in another one. It's today Amazon Daily Deal: 2$99 (31 tracks) I'd like to buy it, but can't because i'm not living in the US I could get it from France, but it'd cost 3 times the price i would pay today @ Would anyone kind enough to buy it for me at today ( )? I'd refund him/her them back with PayPal "as a friend" (so no fees for him/ her) in the very next hours /days. BTW, if you could help me to buy the "Digs Other People's Songs" ( ) in the same time ? I'd really like to be able to listen to it at last. If u can buy it/them for me, contact me then with a pm here (is it even possible ? i've never tried) or through my myspace. Ty in advance.
  8. UK tour

    I hope that if someone records Regina's show anywhere in this UK mini tour, he/she will also record Nicole Atkins who's opening for Regina.
  9. Urgent: Flower Arrangement for Dan

    thank you Aaron, Jamie, and others if ever there are others involved in this. I had thought while reading Aaron's messages on the other thread last week that we would have been able to give, even if symbolical, a help to this. But nothing has appeared, or i've not seen it. Anyway, both of these arrangements are beautiful. The one you've chosen will echo the lyrics of this song Dan seemed to love so much.
  10. RIP Dan Cho

    I've not really been able to find public words to write here before, that's why i'm only posting now. I've read the sad news on FB only a few minutes after Regina's posted it last week. It's been all the more shocking that i was tchatting with a friend, and speaking about Regina when i noticed she had just posted. I'm sad and hurt. Because of Dan's passing away itself. But also hurt, as this passing away seems sincerely hurt people, wether they were really close to him or not. My condolences, thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to all of them.
  11. Bonnaroo 2010

    ty Aaron for the audio !
  12. Bonnaroo 2010

    in order of appearance: [taken just after]Better On The Radio Dance Anthem of the 80's Bobbing for Apples That Time
  13. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by ohmarcello: awesome! i got that picture from tumblr. i am uploading the ones i took in a minute. the quality of the video kept going in and out i took several printscreen. i'm resizing them now. i'll upload some here. The quality of the streaming was pretty good. Especially no isssue at all with the audio, contrary to the videowhose bitrate was sometimes changing.
  14. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by ohmarcello: hum ... we nearly had the same spot
  15. Bonnaroo 2010

    wow, nice show (as usual ...) "Love You're a Whore " is not very often in the set list (but also played elsewhere than in Tennessee: Bristol, NYC for instance) Good she played "Après moi". Eet, Machine, Us were great too. Ty Regina