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  1. Regina Dance remix on myspace

    they're all great but the december one is nigh-on perfect!
  2. Regina Demographics

    I'm 17. will turn 18 in december.
  3. Hi!!A brand new italian fan!

    well I do have the 11:11 songs, I was just hoping to get hold of an original album but I guess I just have to wait, since I'm not too keen on iTunes stuff. But thanks so much for the cdbaby tip. I'll try and buy Song from there. I have a few bootlegs on mp3 (but you probably have them already) so if you're interested I can send you a list and then send them to you!
  4. Hi!!A brand new italian fan!

    hahahaha same respect goes to you! it's so great to have different roots, you get to have so many traditions in the same family. my grandparents come from different parts of italy, but it's still italy so it's a bit lame. I only managed to get an original copy of soviet kitsch (from amazon. how sad. not many good record shops in my town really), as for the others, a friend of mine who bought them in london made me a copy. and I think you are probably the nicest person on planet earth but I don't want to abuse your kindness. can you find them easily? is it really not a problem for you?
  5. Hi!!A brand new italian fan!

    hey, sorry i'm so very late on this but i'm another regina fan from italy. wish she could come here for a couple of gigs. i love rufus wainwright too! and i'm a big antifolk fan. that's about all for now.