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  1. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    haha no, it's ok. It would be fun to take my picture in washington square park anyway
  2. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    I'll take "Towards Washington Square Park, Where you had been beat up" Although, I would like the line Kb93 chose, for obvious reasons.
  3. A Gift for Regina!

    Yeah when you put it that way, it makes sense! Nevermind
  4. A Gift for Regina!

    What I meant was that I feel the blanket is just a little too personal. Maybe because a blanket is sort of an intimate thing that I feel like it's a bit awkward. Maybe that's just me and my taste! I feel like a quilt is something you give a relative or a friend, not a celebrity/musician/public figure. I know we all love regina, but I think when we do this fan gifts, it is easy to forget it is her music that brings us together. So doing something that celebrates that as much as possible would be really great.
  5. A Gift for Regina!

    I really like the photo idea! Also, I think the quilt is cute, but a little creepy. I wouldn't want to snuggle up with a blanket made by a bunch of strangers x). Sometimes I just try to think of things from the artist's point of view, and it's really for us as eager, loving fans to cross the line. (Especially when we don't know where her line is). But the photo idea is really clever and creative!
  6. Has anyone met Regina lately after a show?

    From most people's experiences over the years, I can say that if you wait it out, you'll have a good experience! Most of her shows, except maybe festivals, she sticks around for a bit. I think exceptions might be if she is sick, or has to leave quickly for traveling purposes. But many people on this forum, including me, have had the chance to meet regina--some even several times! I'm sure you will get the chance
  7. Has anyone met Regina lately after a show?

    the original crowd at Boston's show was like... maybe 35 people. But after almost two hours, it dwindled to about 8 or 9.
  8. Has anyone met Regina lately after a show?

    Met her after her show in Boston in May. It took about an hour and a half for her to come out, and the majority of the people who stayed after had left at that point.
  9. Good News Thread!

    definitely a great choice for your first
  10. 2012 Fall Tour

    On Facebook she posted a show for Providence, RI on October 5th. This might be my lucky one
  11. 2012 Fall Tour

    Wish I had my car at school. This would make things so much easier!
  12. 2012 Fall Tour

    I might be able to make the show in CT since it's on a saturday, and I won't have to miss class... Hmm..
  13. July 15, 2012 Crocus City Hall, Moscow

    Lots of videos posted on this youtube channel:
  14. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    Yeah! It definitely is possible. However, the responses from Phil have indicated that since there was no editing done in the studio, there is obviously no problem. (When, really, there is something not quite right...) It would be awesome to have a professional listen to it and figure it out, but it's really not that big of a deal. It would just be awesome to have these recordings in the pure format, they're great!!
  15. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    Perhaps there is something that happened with the audio when being converted to a YouTube-friendly format. If it isn't manipulated in any way, it certainly does not sound natural. (I know I'm not crazy!) Phil's response to me was that it probably sounds different because it is of such great quality... but I've heard her live several times, and of course heard her studio recordings, neither of which sound like this. So there's got to be something else at play! Oh well, I'll let it go.
  16. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    I spoke with Phil Botti, the executive producer of The Warner Sound, and he told me that as far as he was aware, there was no editing whatsoever of regina's voice. "What you see and hear, is a truly remarkable performance captured in one of the greatest sounding studios in the world. And we're proud of that. Because the whole point of our show, is to give great artists the opportunity to record in these special places." As the main chairman behind this channel, I suppose I have to trust his judgement, although I'm not positive he would be aware of all the editing that took place in the studio, necessarily. Something sounds fishy to me, still. It all could be a mistake, for all we know...
  17. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    I don't think they are ruined, either. The video is certainly gorgeous, high quality, and she looks lovely. But I am still disappointed, and I think the overall quality suffers because of this production choice!
  18. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    I encourage you to listen a little more carefully--maybe with some headphones so you can hear closely. I don't mean to come off as if I am over reacting, but I don't think regina's voice being pitch-corrected is something I am comfortable listening to. Perhaps your ears just don't pick up on it, and for that I am very jealous of you!! edit: I don't believe this is up for discussion. As someone with experience mixing music, filtering sounds, and producing vocals, I can say with confidence that her voice is either being live-filtered by the sound man in the studio, or was pitch-corrected after the performance was recorded. It's not an opinion or a feeling.
  19. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    Every performances has definitely been pitch-corrected. (also called "auto-tune") To me, this is extremely disappointing... mostly because none of these performances actually need the filtering, or even benefit from it. For someone like regina that has naturally great pitch, using pitch-correcting audio filters has a negative impact. When she "speaks" certain words from songs, uses certain strain or emphasis on her voice, the filter tries to correct it, making a very unnatural product. It is certainly curious because none of her vocal performances from these videos show any sign of her struggling, so I don't know why her voice is being filtered. It's a shame because without this pitch correction, these recordings would be fantastic. I have never really been disappointed in something regina-related before, so this might be a first.
  20. Regina acting on "Cool Kid's Table"!!!

    "I'd double do him twice."
  21. the SRG appreciation thread.

    mhm. toast to SRG and his ever thoughtfulness and contribution. He doesn't visit all the time, but when he does... "Wow, this muffin SRG is really amazing." -regina spektor!
  22. Regina is everywhere

    Cool Kids' Table comedy video featuring Regina is new, as of June 22nd, 2012. It's absolutely hilarious. Final Film Score Project was done while she was at SUNY Purchase (while she was in college). It was done with Levon Vincent, and is also known by the title "Two Sisters"
  23. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    @Appt: really nerdy, awkward, and high pitched. also, I didn't think the performance was all that great! all the performers seemed a little bored or maybe tired. perhaps I'm just getting a little over loaded with the performances of these songs, since they seem to be a little more consistent with this band set-up, so there are less variations and surprises. or maybe it's just me! awesome interview, though. she was really magnetic.
  24. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    and yeah... the interviewer's voice is killing me.
  25. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    the performance was okay, but the interview is hilarious. the comments about her being excited to sing her songs in her "old granny voice" and the Jell-o metaphor made this totally worth it. !!