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  1. It's been in my iTunes library for years! I honestly can't remember.
  2. pretty sure this isn't rare: Hero (demo)
  3. I have a demo version of Hero that is labeled from the Untitled Album (9.22.2004).
  4. ^ That is from the White Session
  5. MOCKINGBIRD (1999) HQ 221kbps VBR MP3

    awesome thank you!
  6. Thank you so much for this (my username thanks you as well)
  7. 2012 US Tour

    ^ I don't know much about recording shows, but I'll be joining you at the Boston show. Get excited
  8. 2012 US Tour

    Livenation has Boston listed for Friday 3/30
  9. 2012 US Tour

    boston boston boston boston boston boston boston! that is all.
  10. "Official" video for Call Them Brothers

    they are adorable together!
  11. The summer in the city cover is not fake. it was from the BTH iTunes promo releases
  12. Good News Thread!

    So it turns out Anders Griffen and I have a few mutual friends! I friend requested him on facebook to see if he'd respond, and he accepted! He's such a talented guy, I feel honored.
  13. Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch Zine

    i was just about to buy the 'survival guide' book to SK. and iwent the page and someone just bought it TWO minutes before me. =[ =[ it was a BUY IT NOW for only 14 bucks... AGH i wanted it SO SO bad. =[
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by i like wonder bread: Virus - Björk I'm so excited for Biophilia I can't stand it. is that not the most fantastic song? i've listened to it like 600 times, i swear. the Vocal + hang mix and just the acapella mixes are perfection, too. I'm madly in love with "Moon" and cannot wait for it to be a single
  15. Regina is everywhere

    Field Below is on an episode of "Brothers and Sisters" that i watched today
  16. Boardwalk Empire Song - My Man!

    I really forgot how much I love regina's own "My Man." I used to sing this in the shower, which was kind of awkward... I hope no one heard me
  17. Boardwalk Empire Song - My Man!

    A reg album with a classic band like this would be awesome!
  18. Boardwalk Empire Song - My Man!

    ^ that being said, it feels GREAT to hear a new regina recording. it feels like forever since i've been satiated with a new reg release! my musical mouth is watering
  19. Boardwalk Empire Song - My Man!

    quote: Originally posted by Barth: quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Fanny Brice - My Man(original) Barbra Streisand - My Man and the winner? Our Regina. Hands down. love regina with all my heart, but she by no means is the winner of this competition. this is one of the most timeless songs in music history, IMO... billy holiday sings it with such pain and longing, even I (an 18 year old male) can feel connected to the subject matter. Barbra made it an iconic broadway hit and brought the song to the attention of many. Regina's version is a classy homage to the song, but no winner. !
  20. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by i like wonder bread: I replied to the thread you recommended! Thanks, it was interesting to read about all you nifty folk on here. That's incredible! The packets Yale send me make me want to cry because I know I could never afford such a beautiful education. Oh to be middle class American. Haha. If only Princeton could let me in for free. Life would be absolutely perfect then! I'm going to try my best to get whatever scholarships I can to every university I apply to and the weigh the price/quality factor into it. I still need to take the SAT as well.. Eek. they didn't give me a dime.. hahaha, but college is expensive, and if you want to go to a private school, you have to be willing to pay for it. even besides tuition costs, there are so many other expenses that are related to going to colleges like princeton! And any other school, for that matter... so you have to plan ahead. scholarships scholarships scholarships!
  21. Boardwalk Empire Song - My Man!

    super fun now to go listen to Barbra's version..
  22. Good News Thread!

    A general post of content for beautiful summer weather.
  23. NYC Show - 06.01.06

    1) love the recording. thanks, serge. 2) reading this old thread, i cannot believe that ejblair got to be at björk's riverside concert. i would give my kidney (maybe both) to go back in time to get a chance to attend that...
  24. Wee Rants

    o _ o
  25. post your favorite photos of regina

    ^ love the color scheme on that one =)