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  1. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

  2. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    IT was a pretty standard set, for the most part. Mostly upbeat tracks to please the festival college crowd. but that being said, i have NEVER heard her voice sound soo good. she sounded absolutely amazing-- didn't hold back at ALL. hit some amazing notes =] i had a fantastic time, right in the front row
  3. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

  4. Regina's Radiohead Cover on iTunes this tuesday!

    Ah its quite a heartbreaking cover.. (=
  5. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    I'll be there
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Rosa!: Jackrabbits by Joanna Newsom. I've only recently been getting into this song. That's one of the things I love about her new album...there's so much music that I can take my time discovering each song. Anyway, I sort of think this song wouldn't sound out of place on The Milk-Eyed Mender. I could somewhat imagining her singing this song with her "old" voice. HOOM has been playing through my speakers since its release. i cant seem to want to listen to anything else <3
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    joanna newsom's new album <3 "Go long" at the moment

    regina's got love for us :]
  9. Good News Thread!

    "Friendship is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth."
  10. Good News Thread!

    SAT results in 5 days! hopefully i improved a tad from last year!
  11. Good News Thread!

  12. school = :(

    chinese is suchh a fun language. i love learning it because its beautiful!
  13. Wee Rants

    quote: I have a corneal ulcer and I'm not happy about it. MY DOG HAD ONE! :[ good luck
  14. Facebook and Myspace

    it's not hard to deactivate one's facebook-- and this removes most active traces of them once they do it.
  15. Good News Thread!

    If i see joanna live, the only musical idol i have left to see is Björk, which i feel like will never happen! :[
  16. Good News Thread!

    JOANNA NEWSOM is coming near me in March to play a show. how random! and how exciting! i never thought i'd get to see her perform--it's a dream come true :]
  17. The Bjork Appreciation Thread

    I'm not sure how i missed this thread! but my two of my favorite albums are Medulla and Vespertine just pure art, right there. And Dancer in the Dark. oh my :'[[
  18. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by i like wonder bread: I've Seen It All - Bjork i cannot wait to see Dancer In The Dark.. first movie to ever make me cry :[
  19. Regina vs Miley Cyrus

    who's regina?
  20. Tonic 14 feb. 2004

    lallallalallala soooooo amazingg
  21. Tonic 16 Oct. 2004

    quote: Originally posted by Brady: quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: HOLY SHIT! Look what I just found on YouTube!!! OH MY GOSH! !!!!! AH!!!
  22. What Reg songs can you play?

    11:11- Braille Love Affair 2.99 Cent Blues Songs- Samson Oedipus Prisoners Reading Time With Pickle Consequence of Sounds (well duh) Daniel Cowman Lounge Lacrimosa Ne Me Quitte Pas Soviet Kitsch- Ode to Divorce Us Poor Little Rich Boy (no drumstick ) Carbon Monoxide The Flowers Sailor Song Ghost of Corporate Future Chemo Limo Somedays Bull Moose- Pound of Flesh The Noise Begin to Hope- Fidelity Better Samson On the Radio Field Below Apres Moi 20 Years of Snow Uh-Merica Baobabs Hero/Bartender Summer in the City Far- The Calculation Folding Chair Blue Lips Machine Human of the Year Dance Anthem of the 80s One More Time with Feeling Man of a Thousand Faces Time is All Around Misc.- Real Love The Call Left Hand Song Live Songs/Demos- All the Rowboats Begin to Hope Chelsea Hotel (#2) December Dog and Pony Dust to Dust 8th Floor I Cut Off my Hair Loveology Lucky Penny Making Records (not completely, i think..) Raindrops Secret Stash Small Town Moon The Clocks Were Asleep The Soup You! Dolce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori
  23. Has anyone seen Lady GaGa?

    oh her old christmas tree song? that thing is GOLD. xD
  24. Wee Rants

    Hey Karl, if you wanna watch the Wanderlust video in 3d, go here, thats what i did: emailed that site, and they mailed me a free pair :]
  25. Has anyone seen Lady GaGa? BLEW ME AWAY>