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  1. Myspace songs

    quote: Originally posted by a_secret_chord: quote: Originally posted by Blood_Roses: I'm glad to hear a glimpse that the album is not going to be quite as piano/vocal solo as Soviet Kitsch was.. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love piano-based songwriters (I kinda am one) but I also like when people try new things in the studio. Personally "Fidelity" is not at all one of my favourite Reginasongs, and I think the new version is actually a bit more interesting than the solo one. "Better" is lovely, live and studio.. I don't feel a comparison needs to be made between live vs. studio - they SHOULD be different, imo. If all Regina's albums just sounded like studio-quality live recordings (essentially like "Songs") then how can she ever grow/experiment? And to me the songs don't sound like Regina's lost the ownership of them... Just some thoughts xx i dont feel the motivation to read this whole thread but i would like to say that i agree with this post completley. i liked to hear the new songs and know Regina is moving forward. Well a truly great musician cannot keep repeating the same old stuff.
  2. Myspace songs

    I really like Fidelity and Better. That is all I've heard from Begin To Hope so far.. But it is not "regina spektor" to me.. When I am in the mood for some spektor music I would not typically think of either of those songs. I think it's good to have change--but I hope it is completely her choice and not something she was slightly nudged into to get a few more fans or more money. Other than that--Regina should keep up the good music. Maybe a little more piano. I'd like to hear what Fidelity sounds like live.
  3. Samson

    quote: Originally posted by a_secret_chord: she does say 'old light'. and its obviously about samson and delilah, i figured the reason she says they arent mentioned in the bible is meant to mean the bible didn't portray them in the way they really were. some1 on songmeanings said that they thought it was written from the perspective of some1 who was with samson before delilah, i dont exactly agree but i thought it was a nice take on it. no, that really wouldn't work if it was from a perspective of anyone besides delilah..cause then why would she cut his hair? anyway, I agree with the first statement you made, cause I was wondering what she meant--cause they obviously were mentioned in the bible.
  4. Samson

    It is a "love" story about Samson and Delilah from the bible. Delilah keeps trying to find his ends up being that when she cuts his hair he loses his strength. I can't remember the whole thing now.. But there is also something about the columns too. I thought that was very interesting that I thought the song was so sweet and I found out the story behind it--it was sort of sad. I love that Regina does this in a lot of her songs. She seems to mention quite a few interesting people in her songs..
  5. Ne me quitte pas

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: I always wondered if the Songs album version of "Prisoners" had a flub in it. The live versions never seem to have the same double-up of the word "his" in the line "If Hans Christian Anderson would've had his (his) way with me..." I sort of liked the way that sounded.
  6. FIDELITY music video

    I made a few icons if anyone is interested in checking them out. here.
  7. FIDELITY music video

    quote: Originally posted by adamjk: Anyone who doesn't want Regina to become more successful and attract a larger audience for her music is selfish and rude. Sorry, but how many times can we make the same arguements? It is selfish but I totally understand how people can feel like that. Sometimes I feel that way with certain "underground" musicians..sometimes I wish I could keep their music for myself because it is so wonderful and other times I want the whole world to hear it.