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  1. Regina Demographics

    I just turned 14. Have known and loved Regina for about a year, since I was 12, actually. My 7 year old sister likes the stuff that she's heard.
  2. Keane Fan Rudeness

    I've always thought Coldplay were trying to be like Radiohead. Except a lot worse. Keane's just trying to be like Coldplay. Coldplay is a bit better than Keane.
  3. Keane Fan Rudeness

    Submergedcalamity-I don't doubt that they could be nice guys. But I really, really don't like their music. And there is no reason to be rude to an opening act. Django-The gig I went to was webcast. My little sister watched it because she couldn't go. I do believe Thom broke his string during Paranoid Android. He quickly got his back up. Idoteque was amazing. Okay, enough of that.
  4. Keane Fan Rudeness

    Yeah, Radiohead is the best. I've seen them live once when they came to Atlanta. Thom broke a string. Hehe. Wow, that was a fangirl-ish thing.
  5. Keane Fan Rudeness

    I keep hearing about Keane fans being rude and disrespectful to Regina. But I also heard Regina told them off. In a very classic way, she snuck "Fuck you" into a song. I love it. I hope Regina doesn't get anymore shit from Keane fans. As Keane is, basically, shit.
  6. The Dresden Dolls bass drum with the clock on it reads 11:11. Something about the year 2011 when it's 11:11 that I read somewhere.
  7. Tori Amos

    I really like Under the Pink that's the Tori I hope comes back soon.
  8. Over 1,000 Members

    Yay, I'm glad Regina is gaining new fans. Congrats to her!
  9. mp3's for the songs cd

    I have actually bought it....twice. It's such a lovely album that I will give it to someone. I haven't decided to whom I will give it to yet. I don't want to give it to someone that won't appreciate it. I also bought Soviet Kitsch four times. Twice when it was released in stores, for the same reason I bought Songs twice. Then when the special edition DVD thing came out I bought two copies of it for the same reasons. I spend WAY too much money on music. Sometimes I think I do it to give more money to artists, as they never make their way to North Carolina(hopefully Regina will venture out here someday) so I can never spend cash on seeing them live. But I also enjoy spreading the word about great artists.(Regina)
  10. Soviet Kitsch sheet music HERE!

    I love you forever.
  11. old/rare

    Email me at denofthieves@gmail.com and I'll give you some links.
  12. Tori Amos

    I used to be a huge Tori fan. It was like, "Hey, there's this chick playing piano! I've never heard one of those before!" Then I stumbled onto a little gem called Regina. I was still listening to Tori when I went head first into listening to Regina. Slowly, Tori started to become dull, boring, and lifeless. After seeing Regina on Conan, that ensured my fan-ness(?) forever. Then I watched the XFM concert online.(If you haven't seen it, do it now! It's great here) Regina is much more spontaneous and playful and therefore, more exciting than Tori. Tori doesn't have lip trills in her songs, does she? I still like Tori a bit, it's pretty music. But the Beekeeper wasn't very thrilling to me.(Let's just say Soviet Kitsch and Songs replaced that CD quickly) But I still love Bjork. I never was a fan of Fiona Apple though.
  13. Song interpretation for Somedays?

    I agree with the above. And uhm, it's probably from the point of a man.
  14. My Regina Art

    I wish I could draw like that. I just have a notebook of collage looking things that I make using lyrics as the background. Some of them do look pretty spify. I can't do Regina songs justice though. I normally mess up the meaning really badly.
  15. i want to Own your Us video - may i?

    I love the video. The Stop Action amazes me. It might not be the most symbolic video, but it's her first and it's best that people get to know who she is and what she looks like. I don't like the Killers, but it was an amazingly smart move to have their name lit up behind them in their first single.