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  1. Dating & Money

    Extra butter on the popcorn does it for me personally.
  2. New music we should all hear

    Anyone besides me drawn to the weirdness/uniqueness/brilliance that is Fever Ray? I always liked the Knife but I only recently got myself a copy of the Fever Ray album (admittedly after the whole "melting face" hoopla over Sweden's P3 Guld). I really appreciate that she doesn't feel the need to star in her own videos or sound the same in every song, its about the music, not her. particularly got me hooked...even if I didn't think I liked it after the first watch.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: quote: Originally posted by val: quote: Fast Car- Tracy Chapman I love Tracy Chapman! particularly For My Lover. I'll have to listen to that. "Fast Car" and "Give Me One Reason" are the only songs of hers I've heard. Just listened to: "Day Tripper-" The Beatles Currently listening to: "Hook-" Blues Traveler Next up: "We Danced Anyway-" Deana Carter Fast Car is one of my favorite songs in the world...that aside, you should also listen to For You, Baby Can I Hold You, and A Theory. On topic, listening to Fiya - tUnE-YaRdS loooooooooooove this song. In fact, loooooooooove her.
  4. Bonnaroo 2010

    I'm looking for some artist residencies...I don't have cash/enough work to apply for grad school straight out of college, but I'm only waiting a year. If I don't get into any residencies I'll just work, which will suck insofar as I won't be able to make art (printmaking stuff is expensive and complicated!), but at least I'll have some mula so I can enter a lot of the more expensive grad programs. But yes, grad school is a must. I want to teach printmaking at college level. And I'm still waiting for the awesome artist thing to happen...one day...! hehehe
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by crookedandgood: "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros I think you guys might like it, too. The whole album is amaaaaazing!! I made the mistake of leaving the cd in the printmaking studio and my professor blares it all the damn time! I mean, not that I'm complaining."Brother" is my personal favorite. Currently listening to...Teeth Like God's Shoeshine - Modest Mouse
  6. Bonnaroo 2010

    This year's line-up is pretty amazing...Phoenix, Neon Indian, Local Natives, Avetts, Edward Sharpe, and of course Regina...is it wrong to get yourself a graduation present?
  7. Eet is 2nd single/Win far

    I agree Rosa, the Calculation would be a much better single. That said, if I can find the time I'm so doing this.
  8. New (old) shows

    Serge you're a hell of a guy, thank you more times than I could express...
  9. pictures and videos of interest...

    My pleasure! I was excited to find her, she's a very talented lady.
  10. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by Nat: The amount of money i would be willing to shell out would increase tenfold if there were a possibility of Spektris playing as the opening act! One of my better posts Nat! Thanks for making me smile. For those that don't know about the band Spektris check it. Meeeeeemories! (all alone in the moonlight...)
  11. People are cheap

    Going alone can be kind of fun...what's wrong with taking yourself on a date.
  12. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    Let me preface everything I'm about to say with I'm sure everybody here would love the type of concert you've described. My only concern is that it seems strange to try to rush people into a decision when there are no definite plans to lean on. Speaking for myself, I'd have to book a flight, find a place to stay, scrounge up the money to do all that plus the price of the ticket, and all this while dealing with my senior year of college and the cost of materials for my classes and time dedication it entails. I have the feeling others might be in similar situations.
  13. Freshmeat at College. tips?

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Maybe talk to your roommate beforhand, if possible about the big stuff, but def don't go to psycho "let's get matching comforters!" lengths. HAHAHA this is so funny to me because I had a peek into my old roommates room last year and she and her new roommate had matching comforters, furniture, had painted the wall to match their bed, etc....I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I just don't get the whole point to that...although I often fail at being "girly."
  14. Freshmeat at College. tips?

    (AH THIS IS FRACKING LONG!) Not even kidding George, I have been in situations where I could've used one of those. Ok this is the advice that has gotten me through my college days (senior this year, holy shit!): 1- no college is perfect. Know that going in. You'll hate things about the college you chose, but if you decide to go somewhere else know that you'll hate things about that college too. Don't give up easily, don't get discouraged, persevere--you can get used to anything. 2- You will never be alone. Find a sanctuary where you can get away if you need to. I go to a college in a place with a lot of old mills and rivers and I always trek out to those kind of places (the ones where I know there are houses around, gotta be safe unless you've got one of those tasers! haha) when I need to clear my head. 10/10 it has gotten rid of any negative, overwhelming feelings I might be having. 3- You will most likely not be friends with the people you become friends with initially. This is not always the case, of course, but from what I've experienced all the people who paired up freshman year have branched off--and that's ok! As you take classes and focus in on your major you'll meet people with similar interests as yourself. More than anything don't be afraid to talk to new people--EVERYBODY feels the same way you do: lonely, overwhelmed, scared, maybe homesick. Know that you're never ever alone in those thoughts, no matter how convincing the feeling might be, and just don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Roomate advice: compromise. That's what its all about. I lived with a girl I really didn't care for for 2 years, we are totally different people and I'm certain she disliked me as much as I disliked her, but we could compromise with each other and so our living arrangement really wasn't that bad. You'll find things annoying about your roommate, realize that she'll be feeling the same way towards you. Don't take it personal and vocalize things that bother you otherwise they'll get blown needlessly out of proportion. But also realize that some things will never change and she's (most likely) not doing things to get at you, we've all got our little quirks...try to appreciate them instead of hate them. Worrying about your major is useless at this point. You will almost assuredly change your mind in some way or another. Hell, I was going to be a business major. Now I'm an art major...things change, YOU'LL change. College isn't the end all be all anyway, if you graduate and are still unsure there are other things you can do...intern, grad school, etc. to figure it all out. As far as homesickness, I can't give much advice here because I've moved around and traveled sans family my whole life, so I've just never experienced it. But for the girls who have, they usually find that once orientation is over and classes start you forget all about it. Your mind will be too occupied. 8 o'clock classes suck and will always suck, nothing to be done about that. You'll be amazed how much the nap comes back in style when at college. 5 minutes between classes? Nap. 20 minutes till dinner? Nap. As far as necessities: a small fan (college ac's in my experience are CRAP and fail right when you need them. There are few things worse than trying to sleep when you're sweating), any kind of space saving storage units (I have a sort of bookcase thing that mounts from the floor above my bed...it is wonderful), BED LIFTERS (because otherwise the bottom of your bed will be 2 inches off the ground and you won't be able to shove stuff under it). I don't know how the rooms are for your dorms but our closet has a door and I've always taken it off the hinges and hung up a curtain instead, saves room because you don't have to leave room for the door to swing. More than the things you'll need, you'll find that you'll take a lot you DON'T need that will be in a pain in the ass to lug out when its May and you're burned out from exams. Unfortunately that's just something you'll have to learn with time... Anyway, this is extremely long winded, but you'll be fine. I promise. There are so many people going through just the same emotions and hesitations that you are. I don't recall being excited my freshman year, more like nervous, but now I can't stop telling everyone how much I wish the damn summer would end so I can get back to college! Best of luck!!
  15. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    AS always, many many many thanks Aaron!!
  16. 3 word story

    The city dumps
  17. My freakin gawd. I need to stop being so disconnected during the summer. I knew about the apple store show but not that she played a new song, woohoo happy checking up on the stix surprises!
  18. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: Dead Rat- reg <3 so silly silly??? "What's one less in a world of so many when only mushroom clouds can leave ripples on our souls"
  19. David Letterman is a ASS!

    I would say its much more uncommon for the musical guest to get an interview than not, there was no disrespect towards Regina--she knew what she signed on to do.

    Reg so needs to tour around with a sky painted piano. That would make me be a tiny bit less critical of the cover.

    She did

    quote: Originally posted by addiction to hands&feet: do they always use extra-large cover art or was that a vinyl? They always use huge art, I think its so the tv watchers can see it better.

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: She is a brunette... Uuuuhgreed.

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Not her strongest performance. She played it safe as she was nervous. She didn't try to push it. But really no significant mistakes...I'm very proud of her...and she obviously has a new piano because it's been everywhere.. Agree with everything said...she was noticeably nervous, I saw her mouth quiver at one point, it just makes me feel that much more connected to her as a human. I could -never- do what she does, I used to get unbearably nervous when I had piano recitals and that was only to an audience of around 100 people...to play to so many people AND while on tv...she's amazing.

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: Hey, people are right, she is a red head! I never really thought she was a red head... more like a brownish red head? Haha. Whatever she is, she's damn adorable. I've never thought she's a red head, unnaturally maybe...