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  1. Guys, its been a while so if this is a repeat I'm sorry and I swear there's a dance thread around here somewhere but I can't find it through search (55 pages of results...ugh...no thanks). I just wanted to share this with peeps that aren't my friends on facebook.

    I'm not a dancer (well...not since I graduated high school anyway hehe), but you've got to admire the choreography. And check the related vids, there's more Reg to be found.

  2. ^AH! That's so cute, what a great dad!

    Jamie- yeah I'm psyched about it! Its especially good since I literally have ten dollars to my name right now (agh!). I think I might end up selling more too, the owner of the gallery is wrestling with himself over buying one of my prints, and of course I'm encouraging as much as I can. I priced my stuff extremely fairly so I don't feel bad about it.

  3. So I've been disgustingly busy lately, with literally no time do anything but work work work.

    But I was guilt tripped into driving my grandmother and cousin 5 hours to my house to see my brother in a play this Saturday. On the way back today I had the radio on (XMU) but very low because my grandma doesn't like music (crazy, right?). So the top 15 download playlists start and I'm vaguely hearing something that's ringing a cord with me so I strain my ears to hear it.

    The following is my brain processing what I'm listening to: oh a Radiohead cover sweet!, from OK Computer too, good taste this person has, God she has a nice voice, wait didn't Alicia say something on Facebook about Regina doing a Radiohead cover, aesfhoiawhfouawehriegg, ok ok don't freak out don't freak out don't scare your grandmother.

    So yes, I love it, I'm happy. Smiler

  4. quote:
    Originally posted by Dominic:

    Yes i have been listening to it...constantly in fact! Thanks again i love the album as a whole. (loving Burden of Tomorrow)

    It was so funny i was with my friends in a 1st year music class we had to supervise and we starting playing some of his tunes and once he started to sing everybody went" WHOS THAT?"...a legend thats who. 8)

    A legend indeed. All of the sudden reviews are popping up over his new album, pitchfork even gave him an 8.5 and listed him as a best new album (though I hate pitchfork, I'll admit to checking haha), so I would say we're not the only ones who think he's amazing.

    For the life of me I can't stop listening, I was the same way the first time I heard Shallow Grave, its just so capturing and moving that you can't turn it off.

  5. Post a picture! And you better record this performance, I'm really interested to see it.

    Right now I'm pouting to myself because Tallest Man on Earth (aka Kristian Matsson) whom I've been obsessing about lately is playing 30 minutes from me but realistically I don't have money or time to see him. This is a very wee rant, but still, I want to go dammit! Razzer

    Edit: oh yeah, AND I love the opener. AGH!

    Further edit: well, decided I will be going, but now I might not be able to get tickets. Damn southerners and their love for southern sounding music! hehehe (this is a joke as, obviously, I am a southerner as well...)

  6. I'm sure you did well, too, Jamie. And good luck to you Lilly...biochem...just the name sounds like it would melt my brain.

    My school rant is that my senior show is in 2 weeks and dear God I am so behind. I've got at least 3 new pieces to make and 3-4 to add finishing touches to, not to mention making about 15 frames...I suck, should've been more on the ball.

    The only good thing about this all is that I bought a really cute dress for the opening haha.



    You're all invited! Big GrinWink