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  1. Second Life

    i don't have that much extra time or money, and if i did i'd join a chorus, but the regina house looks pretty damn cool.
  2. Regina and New York

    wow- i didn't even know about this site. i love it! it's so much more personal, and i love the note on the front... wow. anyway, i love back of a truck for the lyrics and the song but i try not to overanalyze it... idk, it kinda takes something away from the basic mental image... but those are some really cool thoughts. i wish we read regina in my english class.
  3. ingrid michaelson

    have you all heard 'men of snow'? look it up on her myspace... it sounds very regina imo.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    ingrid michaelson- die alone
  5. Regina on Itunes #1 spot

    give them the first track free, and they buy forty or so more. not a bad deal. ;D
  6. Name That reg Tune

    dead rat heart forever
  7. Let's go to the Movies...

    i love the sound of music! if you don't count cartoons, that was my first musical.
  8. cards to regina.

    i'd be willing to work on the coordinating, but i don't know about the actual publishing- my parents are a bit internet phobic, and don't even know i get on forums. anyway, i was looking through the software at one of the templates- text and picture, or something. i was thinking we could have a page for each contributor, with a favorite quote, a concert pic or fanart (or other image) and then a note or anecdote relating to regina from each one. we'd either have to have each person pick their own quote, or vote on a list of best quotes for everyone... ideas?
  9. cards to regina.

    i'm looking through the software, and realizing something. there's going to have to be one coordinator who collects all the stuff and compiles/edits it. what would we put in the book? i was thinking, fanart, concert photos, favorite quotes, etc... even notes to reg, i guess. depends on how big this thing ends up being. still totally in. this could be really, really cool.
  10. regina lyric chain game!

    his nose it was red
  11. Name That reg Tune

    human of the year! he just doesn't speak
  12. regina lyric chain game!

    then i think i should stop thinking and go to SLEEP!
  13. Have you ever seen a fat man skipping?

  14. Regina and her piano talents.

    listening to regina makes my dead piano want to breathe after 3 years...
  15. dusseldorf interpretations